5 activities you probably wouldn't have expected to be dog-friendly

5 unusual leisure activities for dogs

Magic tricks for dogs

Finnish magician Jose Ahonen can boast over 34 million clicks on his YouTube channel for magic tricks for dogs. Ahonen thinks it's the dogs' honest, upfront reactions that make the videos so popular among viewers and get them laughing. And, Ahonen couldn't have better participants: Who wouldn't want dogs as magic show side-kicks?

5 unusual leisure activities for dogs

Dog surfing

Whether dogs actually like gripping onto a surfboard as they fly across the waves is debatable, but some of their owners seem to be pretty into it. The dog-shared activity is particularly popular in California, but you'll also find canines and their best friends out together on European waters.

5 unusual leisure activities for dogs

Spa treatments for dogs

According to trained dog therapists, canines can sometimes suffer under stress as much as humans. Special dog guesthouses, such as "Platzhirsch" (Top Dog) near Düsseldorf, offer the perfect solution to alleviate stress. For a mere 120 euros ($141), dogs can enjoy a relaxing weekend of spa treatments, including a massage.

5 unusual leisure activities for dogs

Dog dancing

Dancing dogs? Yes, they can! And, there are even human and canine teams who dance away to their own choreographies, such as leg slalom, stepping to the side or backwards, turning, offering a paw or jumping through the arms of the owners. The owners guide the canines with the slightest of body signals. Originating in the United States, this very particular dog sport is now popular across Europe.

5 unusual leisure activities for dogs

Art events for dogs

During these particular art event tours, dogs do not have to stay outside. Instead, they can sniff and snoop around pictures that have been installed at a dog's-eye level. Dog-friendly art events can be found in Berlin, but also in New York, such as Manhattan's "Dogumenta."

When going for walks and fetching sticks become too boring, imaginative event creators offer a surprising variety of activities for dogs. For instance, magic tricks!

Finnish magician Jose Ahonen has been performing in front of live audiences since 2005 – that is, in front of live human audiences.

But a couple of years ago, he went to the dogs. He realized that magic tricks not only impress humans, but also humans' best friend. For instance, he tried making a dog treat disappear right in front of a canine's eyes.

The results spanned wide and far, from nervous barking to sheer mesmerization.

Ahonen then uploaded a video with dozen or so canine responses to his tricks on YouTube and it went viral. Over night, the video was viewed tens of thousands of times. Now, it's received over 18 million clicks.

Magician Ahonen has meanwhile launched his own YouTube channel for dogs, with a few clips showing him having a hotdog levitate in front of various dogs' chops.

Just a mini spoiler here: Some of dogs remain unimpressed by the act, while others seem utterly dismayed.

Magic tricks – they are just one of many leisure-time activities which are more dog-friendly than you ever would have imagined. Click through our High Five ranking to discover more.