'50 Kitchens, One City': 50 restaurants, countries and recipes in Berlin


From Egypt to Vietnam

The bilingual book "50 Kitchens, One City," produced in cooperation with the city magazine tip-BerlinVerlag, provides insights into the multicultural dining establishments in Germany's capital. It presents exciting restaurants and recipes. "50 Kitchens, One City" is also the title of the series to be televized worldwide as part of the Euromaxx lifestyle magazine, starting on June 9.


50 recipes from 50 nations

The book gives a detailed look at 50 recipes as served in 50 restaurants in Berlin by chefs and restaurateurs from 50 countries - including, for example, a southern Indian crèpe from the restaurant Chutnify. Beneath each recipe is a QR code which can be scanned with a smartphone to link to the corresponding video on DW’s website. Watch the video to see how the dish is prepared step by step.


Tasting allowed

Whether it's the Thai curry Pratina Kross prepares in her restaurant Dao by Meo, a Swiss classic like Zurich-style veal stew or haute cuisine from Basque Country, these recipes and cooking videos will get you in the kitchen - and make you hungry for more.


Award-winning kitchen in the sky

In Berlin’s Skykitchen, Michelin-starred chef Alexander Koppe whips up such creations as cauliflower with poached egg yolk. It’s a well tempered recipe to be enjoyed in a stylish gourmet establishment with a bar and a panoramic view of Berlin. "50 Kitchens, One City" allows the readers to reproduce Koppe’s creative German dishes themselves in their own homes by giving step-by-step instructions.


Food from around the world

Both the book and the TV installments each Friday on DW’s lifestyle magazine Euromaxx, starting June 9, place the people behind the recipes in the spotlight. Berlin is home to people from over 180 nations. They all contribute something of their own cultures to make the city what it is. Some, like Frank Anyangbe from Nigeria, open restaurants and serve specialties from their home countries.


Cooking step by step

Each of the 50 recipes in the book is linked to a corresponding webpage under www.dw.com/50kitchens. It provides further background information on the recipe, the restaurant and the country of the dish’s origin. The video goes through the recipe’s preparation step by step.


Berlin, a window to the world

The Iranian restaurant Saray is just one of the 50 establishments profiled in "50 Kitchens, One City," our culinary world tour from Egypt to Vietnam. Every Friday starting on June 9, DW’s lifestyle magazine Euromaxx presents cuisine from six continents - all collected in one of Europe’s most exciting metropolises.


From street food to haute cuisine

"50 Kitchens, One City" shows you don't necessarily have to be a five-star chef to serve great food. Many newcomers have made themselves at home in Berlin's gastronomy scene and are celebrating the flavors of their home countries - from Egyptian street food to French haute cuisine. Pictured is kushari, Egypt's national dish.


At the corner pub

Stephanie Drescher and Uwe Schwarze from DW searched all over Berlin for the most authentic dishes and the most fascinating life stories behind the restaurants that serve them.

In DW's series "50 Kitchens, One City," you can look forward to 50 exciting recipes from 50 Berlin restaurants, presented by chefs from 50 countries. The accompanying book brings the flavors of the world to your home.

Berlin is one of Europe's most exciting metropolises. It's also a melting pot of cultures.

Germany's capital is home to people from over 180 nations. They all contribute something of their own cultures to make the city what it is, with some opening restaurants that serve specialties from their home countries. What better place for a straight-up and sensual experience of the world's flavors than the kitchens of these restaurants? 

In cooperation with the city magazine tip-BerlinVerlag, DW is presenting the cross-media project "50 Kitchens, One City." It explores this culinary diversity from many perspectives. 

Exploration of Berlin’s culinary world

"50 Kitchens, One City" combines an online special with a book as it presents 50 of Berlin’s restaurants. In it, chefs prepare and serve dishes typical of their home countries - for example, the globetrotter and central India native Aparna Aurora. Dissatisfied with her job in the fashion industry, she opened Chutnify in the Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg in 2014. It offers authentic southern Indian cuisine.

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The paperback, released May 18, serves as a restaurant guide and cookbook in one. Each recipe in the book comes with a QR code that links to the corresponding video on DW's website, allowing users to watch as the recipe is prepared step by step. The book and all the videos are available in German and English.

A special event celebrating the book launch was held at one of the participating restaurants with all the cooks and restaurateurs, the publisher and the "50 Kitchens" team on hand. Simultaneously, DW's website will present all the videos and recipes, along with background information and picture galleries featuring the restaurants and chefs.

Then beginning Friday, June 9, 2017, and every Friday thereafter, the DW lifestyle magazine Euromaxx, will be presenting one of the 50 portraits of Berlin chefs and restaurateurs in German and English. Broadcast times worldwide can be found under dw.com/tv (English) and dw.com/de (German).

Each installment provides insights into the culinary world of Berlin today and glimpses of the restaurant proprietors' often unconventional lives. It also presents a tempting recipe from one of the kitchens in this boundless world, prepared exclusively for Euromaxx.

TV and Online

Executive Producer: Rolf Rische, DW Head of culture and German TV 

Written by: Stephanie Drescher

Camera and Editing: Uwe Schwarze


Publisher: Robert Rischke, managing director GCM Go City Media GmbH

Executive editor: Stefan Tillmann

Photos: Lena Ganssmann, Holger Talinski