A clever use for your milk cartons

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All you will need

You won't need too much for this one! Wait for your family to finish a carton of juice or milk, then swipe it. You'll also need some scrap material. We used two different kinds to mix it up: a scissors (promise to get an adult's permission for this one!), some glue, a hole punch and two paper-fasteners.

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No more drink in this carton

First cut the top off your carton - don't throw it away, you'll need it later. Where you cut depends on how big you want your bag to be. It's totally up to you, just make sure it's definitely empty before you start - you don't want any spills ;) Once you've done that, give the part you'll use for your bag a wipe with a wet cloth and then dry it.

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New clothes for the carton

Now it's time to give it a brand new look. Take a piece of cloth that's a bit longer and wider than your carton. We've chosen blue and white polka dots because we think its pretty, but you can use whatever pattern or color you want. You could even take some plain material and draw on some nice pictures on there. Glue the cloth onto the carton, leaving a bit of material on either end.

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Taking shape

You're halfway there - yey! Just smear some glue inside the top of the carton and stick down the cloth that's still poking up.

Nature and Environment

A tidy bottom

Turn the carton upside down and glue down the material as shown in the photo above. It's kind of like wrapping a gift!

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Don't forget the top bit

It's time to use the top of the carton that you didn't throw away to make a handle for your super cute bag. Cut out a long strip from the carton top ...

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A colorful handle

... and lay it on your second piece of material. We've gone with something flowery. Cut along the strip of carton but make sure to leave enough material to cover it all when you're done.

Nature and Environment

Punch a hole

Once everything is dry, punch a hole on either end of the handle. Mind your fingers now ;)

Nature and Environment

Be careful with the scissors!!!

Then make a hole on each side of the bag with a scissors. Be careful though. Maybe even ask an adult to help or supervise.

Nature and Environment

Through the hole

Attach the handle to the bag with the paper fasteners - easy peasy.

Nature and Environment

Fit for a queen

And ... ta-da! You've got your own homemade and super-stylish bag that's ready to hold all your treasures.

Much of our food and drink comes in cartons, and though in some countries they can be recycled, we also like to upcycle!

We all need a stylish handbag for the treasures we like to carry around. Well, what if you could make one yourself - from a milk carton? That would be good for the environment and you could carry around a book, pencils, sweets - or whatever else you like to bring out and about. Sounds fun, right?     

A little milk carton lived on a fridge shelf
Until one day, he was outside all by himself
"I'm off to the dump," he thought with a jump
But he didn't have to worry, because in a hurry,
he was transformed into ... a bag

If you want to learn how to make it, click through the pictures here.

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