Global Media Forum 2018: Global Inequalities

Join us at the 2018 Global Media Forum.


Deutsche Welle’s Global Media Forum is the only international media conference that brings together decision-makers and influencers from the worlds of journalism, digital media, politics, business, civil society and academia. The 2018 GMF offers a unique interdisciplinary approach to tackling a challenge that defines our time: Global Inequalities. Inequalities are all around us -- some all-too visible, and many obscure and insidious. From institutionalized racism to income inequality, the digital divide and unequal power relations – inequality is deeply ingrained and deeply confusing. Are media up to understanding the dimensions and effects of inequality? How can technology really be a galvanizer and equalizer? What is the potential of technology to provide equal access to knowledge and power?


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[Miscellaneous] | 09.10.2017

GMF: The future of media begins here

GMF Top Speakers from the Past 10 Years

“Power must be in the hands of the wealth of the nation.”

Noam Chomsky - Linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, social critic and political activist, USA

GMF Top Speakers from the Past 10 Years

"We use social media in order to control our own narrative."

Carmen Perez - National Co-Chair of Women's March & Executive Director of The Gathering for Justice, USA

GMF Top Speakers from the Past 10 Years

“The future of journalism is the people.”

Jeff Jarvis - American journalist, professor, public speaker and former television critic, USA

GMF Top Speakers from the Past 10 Years

“Internet does not only change the communication on foreign policy but it changes policy itself.”

Frank-Walter Steinmeier - President of Germany

GMF Top Speakers from the Past 10 Years

“We should be protected by the same press freedom.”

Sarah Harrison - British journalist, legal researcher and WikiLeaks section editor, UK

GMF Top Speakers from the Past 10 Years

“Journalists must see themselves as members of a big family and stick together.”

Shirin Ebadi - Lawyer, a former judge and human rights activists and founder of Defenders of Human Rights Center, Iran

GMF Top Speakers from the Past 10 Years

“Satire was our weapon to dissect through the lies and rhetoric that were used to control the people.”

Bassem Youssef - Political satirist, writer, producer, physician, media critic and television host, Egypt

GMF Top Speakers from the Past 10 Years

"I hope people in the West can distinguish between the Kremlin and Russia; Putin and Russia."

Mikhail Khodorkovsky - Founder of Open Russia, Russia

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