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Deutsche Welle represents Germany in the media landscape. It’s our job to provide answers to questions on Europe and how we approach globalization and development. Our journalists examine and analyze the day’s issues, but we don’t take sides.

After 60 years in the media business, we are respected as a credible source of information for audiences around the world. We stand for unbiased news, democracy, equality, tolerance and human rights. DW delivers uncensored information to those who don’t enjoy the freedom of opinion and freedom of the press at home.

In the age of Twitter headlines, breaking news on smartphones and constant updates, quality journalism is required to provide the big picture. Our multinational teams speak your language - with content in 30 languages. Six television channels have been developed to meet regional needs.

Our website www.dw.com is home to a multilingual audio and video treasure trove. The Media Center gives users convenient access to live streams, on demand content as well as to picture galleries.

Mobile users are fully catered for at m.dw.de or via the DW apps. But we don’t just provide information, we listen. Users can interact directly with the makers of our programs on Facebook and Twitter for example.

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