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You want to know more about DW's work and organization? You want to learn about the editorial daily routine of one of the multilingual media? If so, you are at the right place.

Experience Deutsche Welle

The world under one roof

In our headquarters in Bonn, we create multimedia content and products in more than 30 languages for users from all over the world. Our staff comprises more than 60 different nations.

Experience Deutsche Welle

Creativity needs space

The headquarters in Bonn offers a unique working atmosphere. The building bears similarities to a city.

Experience Deutsche Welle

Why „Schuermann-Bau“?

DW's headquarters in Bonn owes its unique flair to the architect Prof. Joachim Schuermann. In the picture with Catherine Beckmann, head of DW's visitor service.

Experience Deutsche Welle

On air for Africa

In Africa, radio is still the number one source of information. In six programming languages, DW offers information and interactive formats that create a dynamic dialogue with young African audiences. These programs go live from our studios in Bonn.

Experience Deutsche Welle

On Air

Have a glimpse behind the curtains. How to produce a TV show and why teamwork is so important – don't hesitate to ask your questions.

Experience Deutsche Welle

The world of news

DW News is a TV show produced in our bureau in Berlin. What is real and what is virtual? Is the table real? And what is happening behind the host. We will shed light on all secrets of television.

Experience Deutsche Welle

Exclusive expert talks

News business or company strategy – you ask, we answer. Send us your topics of interest. We will create a lively venue for discussion with experienced experts and program creators working at DW.

Experience Deutsche Welle

You are welcome

Learn about the world of DW!

Experience Deutsche Welle

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... and are looking forward to your visit.

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