Arts.21 - Curtain Up for Barrie Kosky

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Barrie Kosky loves entertainment and great opera. He seems to have a golden touch - even triumphing at the Bayreuth Festival. We celebrate the cult director and Berliner-by-choice with a special edition of Arts.21.

His productions have a cult reputation and his energy is contagious. As manager and artistic director of Berlin's Comic Opera, he's already scaled heights others only dream of and inspires both the public and the critics. The native Australian is ready to turn his hand to anything: Monteverdi, Mozart, even Broadway musicals. He shows how sexy the unsung operetta genre can be and how to stage a Germanic classic work such as the "Mastersingers of Nuremberg" as a wake-up call against anti-Semitism and xenophobia. What drives him? Where does he get his ideas from? Arts.21 talks to Barrie Kosky about Wagner, great opera, his Jewish roots - and, of course, about his chosen home, Berlin!