Disneyland blackout stalls rides in California park

Disneyland visitors were forced to abandon numerous rides after a power outage shut down parts of the renowned California theme park. Officials said they were "working diligently" to restore power to the affected areas.

A problem with an electric transformer prompted the closure of 12 Disneyland attractions on Wednesday, with park guests removed from the rides. Some of the visitors were reportedly stuck in their seats.

Park officials said that the blackout affected Mickey's Toontown, a section of the park dedicated to classic Disney characters, as well as Fantasyland, which showcases characters from fairy tales adapted by the entertainment company. The theme park's monorail system was also out of commission.

The theme park in California was crowded with visitors during the Christmas vacation season.

The majority of the park is still operating, Disney spokeswoman Suzi Brown said.

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Disneyland brought to a standstill

No Pinocchio right now ...

Disneyland staff were forced to disappoint eager visitors on Wednesday, with several rides unavailable. The outage affected Mickey's Toontown and Fantasyland, as well as the monorail system in the famous theme park.

Disneyland brought to a standstill

... and Dumbo is not flying either

No one was injured during the blackout, which occurred while the park was jam-packed with visitors during the Christmas vacation season. Disneyland closed its gates to new arrivals for four hours after the power was knocked out.

Disneyland brought to a standstill

Hapless pirates

These visitors to the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride have been becalmed in the midst of the park's Spanish Main. Just as well the outage only lasted a few hours.

Disneyland brought to a standstill

Stuck to their seats

"It's a Small World" is the name of this ride, and visitors possibly wished it were a bit less cramped after they were left stranded in the blackout. The park in California is the second-most visited theme park in the world after Walt Disney World in Florida.

Disneyland brought to a standstill

Waiting for adventure

"Adventureland," which envelops visitors in exotic jungle landscapes, was one of the areas left untouched by the blackout. Altogether 12 rides were affected across the park.

"Power has been restored to Toontown and we still have some areas of the park that are without power," she added.

On Twitter, park officials said they were "working diligently" to fix the problem.

While Disneyland theme park is much smaller than its younger twin, Disneyworld in Florida, it still boasts over 50 rides and millions of visitors per year.

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