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Asia is booming, and countries in the region are rapidly catching up with western industrialized nations. They themselves are now actively participating in international development efforts. While a significant number of people are benefiting from the region’s dramatic changes, the standard of living of most of the population is still low. One of the reasons for this is a lack of access to information and limitations in many countries on free expression.

DW Akademie addresses these issues with tailor-made projects: in Myanmar we support the creation of a national journalism school, and advise - as we do in Mongolia - the newly formed press council. In Cambodia, the focus is on strengthening the media capacity of young people, while in Bangladesh, community radio stations are receiving support. In Pakistan, DW Akademie is involved with the first-ever trauma center for reporters in crisis zones, making a valuable contribution to the protection of media professionals.

Michael Karhausen, Head of Asia and Europe, DW Akademie, Foto: DW Akademie/Charlotte Hauswedell

Michael Karhausen
Head, Asia and Europe

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