Supporting democratic dialogue

DW Akademie is committed to supporting every person's right to freely access information. One area of our media training focuses on international training for spokespersons. Our goal is to support a democratic dialogue in regions where DW Akademie is active. Because in order for journalists to work effectively, they need to speak with spokespeople from governments, associations and civil society groups. These in turn need to be able to communicate well with the media. We believe that all parts of society should have a voice.

We are active in countries that are moving towards democracy, and our training programs complement DW Akademie's projects for media development. Together we work towards ensuring that the media and the public are always informed in a comprehensive and transparent way.

Klaudia Pape, Coordinator for Communications consulting (photo: Stefan Lemanski).

Klaudia Pape
Coordinator, Communications Consulting

T: +49.228.429-3505

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