Deutsche Welle has been training young journalists for more than 40 years now and the entry requirements have been evolving just as the broadcaster itself has. While the original traineeship was aimed primarily at native speakers of German, our new international traineeship focuses on multilingual journalists from all over the world. Many of our graduates have stayed with Deutsche Welle, working for our broadcast programs, Corporate Communications or DW Akademie. Others have pursued different goals - as foreign correspondents for the ARD public broadcaster, as hosts of ZDF programs or as attachés for Germany's Federal Foreign Office. And no matter where they are in the world these days, our former trainees are part of a network that keeps them in touch with each other, that keeps them connected.

Our graduates

Elizabeth Shoo, editor

"You can try out just about everything during the traineeship - you just have to have the courage to do it. You'd be surprised at the talent you have. Try out as much as you can and look confident when you're working in different departments. That's when you'll be taken seriously and can really develop your skills." Elizabeth Shoo is an editor in DW's Kiswahili department.

Our graduates

Sandra Petersmann, correspondent

"I used to work in radio but with the traineeship I honed my multimedia skills and became an all-rounder. Working with international colleagues made me realize how important it is to constantly check my word choice - whether to say 'terrorist' or 'rebel'. Our job is to put people at the center of our stories, not just the power structures." Sandra Petersmann is a South Asia correspondent for ARD.

Our graduates

Janosch Delcker, feature writer

"Reporters have to go through the numbers, look at media reports and check out the things that others ignore. DW's traineeship gives you the tools and gets you ready for the kind of work good journalism involves. You also learn there are times when you have to stop and say, "Hey, something's wrong here." Janosch Delcker works for various media outlets including Deutschlandradio and Spiegel Online.

Our graduates

Dina Gouda, presenter

"The traineeship was fun and serious at the same time - a perfect combination. We worked hard during the seminars but also had interesting trips - like the one to Brussels. If I had to give advice to future trainees I'd say, 'Get out of your comfort zone - open yourself up to new ideas and take advantage of DW's international environment.'" Dina Gouda presents the Arabic edition of DW's Euromaxx

Our graduates

Aarni Kuoppamäki, project manager

"For me, Deutsche Welle reflects the world as it should be - progressive, multicultural and committed to the good. I've met people at DW who share these ideals. I'm part of the 2005/2006 class and we still go on holiday together." Aarni Kuoppamäki is a DW Akademie project manager based in Ghana.

Our graduates

André Leslie, editor

"We tried out a lot of different things during the traineeship - like when we did a feature on us trying to windsurf. There wasn't any wind, though, and the board was moving at about a kilometer an hour. I fell off on purpose just to keep things interesting and everyone had a good laugh." André Leslie is an editor with DW's sports desk.

Our graduates

Maik Meuser, presenter

"Working in three different countries - Germany, Belgium and Singapore - in three different capitals, taking on responsibility, producing reports for an international audience, working in different languages - I don't know of another traineeship that even comes close. And not to mention the trainers who taught me so much. The DW traineeship was terrific!" Maik Meuser presents DW Journal.

Our graduates

Daniel Pelz, department head

"Whether you're working as a correspondent in the DW studio in Brussels or reporting on refugees in northern Uganda, Deutsche Welle's traineeship offers you a unique chance to get to know how journalists in different environments work and try out working in different roles - all in a multimedia, multilingual environment." Daniel Pelz heads DW's Africa English desk.

Until 2014 DW offered two separate traineeships: one for native speakers of German and one for native speakers of other languages. The two traineeships have been combined and are now a newly-designed international and bilingual training program.

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