DW Akademie in Latin America

There is enough relevant information for the people of Latin America; however, there is no guarantee that the majority of the population can access this information. Media monopolies limit diversity. In places where television and radio stations are controlled by a small group of owners, it is difficult for large parts of the population to make themselves and their concerns heard. In many places, civil society complains that they face a "deaf" state that is reluctant to allow a free flow of information. Furthermore, journalism is a dangerous profession in many Latin American countries. Critical media workers are put under pressure and directly attacked. Consequences for freedom of expression are dramatic.

As a result, DW Akademie supports networks that provide access to information for all people. It strengthens community radio stations, local journalist networks and digital activists and advocates the right of the indigenous population to freedom of information and expression. Together with its partners, it develops innovative approaches to training and advises alternative media organization so that they can survive economically in the long term. It promotes social dialogue, for example, when processing the legacy of civil wars, and helps those who demand an open information policy from the state.

Local expertise and the creation of networks in the region thus play a crucial role for DW Akademie in Latin America.

Rodrigo Villarzu, Head of Latin America division (photo: DW Akademie/Nadine Wojcik).

Rodrigo Villarzú
Head, Latin America

T: +49.30.4646-8570
E: dw-akademie@dw.com<

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Team Latin America

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