Students of the Master's Program "International Media Studies" at DW Akademie in Bonn (photo: DW Akademie).

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International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Sakher Almohamad, Syria

Since I believe in diversity and consider myself a citizen of the world who has ideas for media projects I think the IMS Master Program is the best choice to improve all the management, academic, development, journalism and digital media skills that I need. In other words: I found that DW Akademie offers the best opportunity to give me the key skills that I want to have.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Christine Iskander, Egypt

Realizing the huge importance of the media during the Egyptian Revolution and being part of one of the biggest political satire TV shows in the Middle East „Al Bernameg“ presented by Bassem Youssef made me want to explore the media world more deeply. With the IMS Program and the direct contact with different cultures, I will definitely expand my media knowledge – and this is what I want.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Andrea Johanna Meza Castillo, Ecuador

The world needs our voice. It is crucial to protect our right to freedom of expression and our right to cover global news with accuracy. With the IMS program I will be able to face the challenges of leadership in the international media field. I am certain that by developing my expertise in the field of journalism, I will be able to give a great contribution to the society in Ecuador.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Víctor Manríquez Álvarez, Peru

My experience as a journalist has taught me that it is necessary to learn skills apart from writing an article or taking pictures. You need to deal with the technological, ethical and economic issues that internet and social media bring to our lives. With the IMS Program I can improve my knowledge and understanding of these subjects.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Luma Mohammad, Jordan

My PR experience led me to search beyond and figure out what I need to do to enhance my career. I have been most favorably inspired by the IMS Program; it helps me to understand the workings of our extant world, and our individual places in it. I am excited to get insights to broadcast journalism and enhance all the skills needed for being an excellent journalist.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Ralitsa Ficheva, Bulgaria

My professional experience in musical journalism has taught me that it is the art that goes beyond all limits. Being part of DW Akademie means exploring my own limits and exceeding them – both as a person and a professional. The IMS Program enables me to deepen my understanding of media, to see it in an international perspective and to reach new artistic heights.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Elene Gvasalia, Georgia

I am happy to be a part of the IMS Master. For me it is not only a 2-year study program, but a great opportunity to work in my favorite field with a talented group of young media professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds. My expectations towards the upcoming time are enormous. I hope to gain knowledge, skills and contacts that are essential for my professional development and growth.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Yana Biliaieva, Ukraine

I worked as a journalist in a media development organization trying to improve media education and independent reporting in the countries of the Eastern Partnership. People I met on the way made me realize that the need for media development is endless. I am here because I hope to improve my journalistic work and implement new skills for further media advancement at home.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Anna Savchuk, Ukraine

I studied political science in Ukraine. It helped me during my work for media projects as a correspondent responsible for international affairs. As journalism has become my everyday activity, I was inspired to join the IMS Program. It is a great opportunity to improve the skills I gained during my journalistic work at home. Moreover, I will benefit from the intercultural diversity here at the IMS.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Carolin Siebert, Germany

My aim is to use responsible communication to improve intercultural collaboration. The IMS Program is the perfect chance to gain a global perspective on media systems and to build an international network. Working in the field of online media, I know how ‚Digital First‘ affects our society and that journalists have an important role to play in this rapidly changing world.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Marianna Deinyan, Germany

Ever since doing my first report from abroad, I realized how important it is to think outside the box – professionally as well as personally. After finishing my Bachelor studies in journalism, followed by an exciting year of work as a freelance journalist, I am now especially looking forward to two years of intercultural exchange, exciting discussions and new friendships from all over the world.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Jamal Saad, Palestine

As a journalist working in a war zone, I believe that media is a tool to give a voice to the people who do not have the chance to express their suffering. The IMS Program is a great opportunity to delve deeper into the field of international media, which will help me achieving my goal to change prejudices about Palestine, especially in Western media, and tell the Palestinian side of the story.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Solomon Eko, Nigeria

To make local impact with global significance as a sustainable development communicator, Deutsche Welle Akademie is the right place for me to find supportive media solutions. I love to develop ideas and contents. I also like reading.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Aida Sofić Salihbegović, Bosnia and Herzegovina

As a political science graduate and a freelance journalist, participating in IMS is a way to gain knowledge and experience to bring a spotlight on every important social and political issue. Having a lot of experience in NGO work and human rights protection, learning about media and development cooperation in an international environment will be a valuable contribution to my future work.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Francisco Lastra, Chile

By working for a digital newspaper that focuses on positive news, I learned that news do not only show us the world but actively shape our view on it. This presents an important challenge for professionals in the industry. I chose the IMS Program because it is a unique opportunity to deepen my knowledge in a multicultural environment with the support of an internationally recognized institution.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Laura Kastenholz, Germany

The IMS Program should help me broaden my horizon beyond the German media landscape. I want to learn from DW Akademie but also from my fellow students about the challenges and chances for journalists and the media in their home countries. And what could be more exciting than studying with people from 22 different countries?

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Anne Samba, Kenya

Coming from Kenya where the cell phone and internet penetration are among the highest in the world – access to and the provision of relevant, timely and correct information has never been more critical than it is now. Kenya, and Africa are rising and I want to be at the center of it all, sharing these wonderful stories that would otherwise remain unheard or worse – misreported.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Loly Perez Torres, Ecuador

I studied journalism and worked as communications officer in the government sector and as a financial reporter for a national newspaper. I seek to expand my knowledge in media and communication sciences. The global nature of IMS is particularly appealing to me because I am curious to learn how different media are perceived in other countries. I plan a career in an international setting.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Anja Falkenthal, Germany

As a communication manager and post-production assistant, I am very precise when it comes to media products and design. With the IMS Master Program, I hope to further broaden my view and gain first-hand insights on media and development from a renowned media broadcast company and media experts from all around the world.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Fhumulani Khumela, South Africa

I believe that now more than ever, journalism, in this post-truth society, has a crucial role to play. It is for this reason, and my love for international politics, that attracted me to the IMS Program – which I believe will equip me with the necessary skills and information for advancing journalism and producing responsible and significant information.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Baydaa Layla, Syria

Having more practical skills in journalism has always been my dream. Coming from Syria, I believe that media can have a social role to create change and to voice out people’s hopes and dreams. The IMS Program provides both theoretical and practical skills in an international atmosphere, which enables students to learn from different sources and give them the skills needed as journalists.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Stephanie Bradford, Nicaragua

I have worked as a director and TV presenter for two shows in Nicaragua. There I learned that freedom of expression and independent reporting are of particular relevance. The IMS Program deals with these topics not only in theory but also in practice and offers a unique opportunity to work in an international field as a leading media maker with colleagues from all over the world.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Zana Abdulhadi Taha, Iraq

I studied English literature in Iraq and worked at AK News. After my arrival in Germany I worked for "Politik Orange" as an editor and journalist. In line with the work I noticed quickly that there are clear differences between the German coverage and the Iraqi coverage. I am keen to enhance my media skills with the IMS Master and to use these for my professional future.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Thomas Rieger, Brazil

I have always believed that international cooperation and communication were able to create a healthy environment for people everywhere and help them to become a better version of themselves. That is why I have studied journalism and international relations and chosen the IMS at Deutsche Welle: I want to be part of this vital environment for democracy and help to protect and expand it.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Tageldien Ali, Sudan

I have always wanted to tell stories of unheard voices in my home land using my blog spot as platform to tell the world about the life of normal people in Sudan. I am glad that I was chosen for the IMS Master Program which enables young journalists from different countries to interact in such an intercultural environment.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Alaa Fadulalsaid, Sudan

I am glad to be in this program and to study in such an international environment. I am interested to know more about media theory and to gain more practical experience. The combination of media education, media development, political communication and media economics is what makes the IMS Master the best master program in the field of media.

International Media Studies: Class of 2017

Rahat Al Rafe, Bangladesh

Studying communication and journalism has equipped me to explore my efficiencies as a journalist. After working as a journalist in Bangladesh, I felt the necessity to obtain a deeper understanding of the interplay of media, society and politics. The unique course curriculum of the IMS Master Program at DW Akademie helps me to peruse for a better career as a media expert.

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