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International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Esraa Elemrany, Palestinian Territories

"A war zone is a place where one fully recognizes the impact of the media locally, regionally and globally. Living in Gaza, I gained a deep understanding of this. I applied to the IMS program and hope to later return to my homeland and convey the knowledge I have acquired. I look forward to expanding my views here, especially with colleagues from around the world."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Fares Abdulkarim, Syria

"I come from Syria, the Levant land of sun and sky. I have an architectural and graphic background and aim to convey the truth and media literacy to empower both my generation and the one following worldwide. I feel energized through the IMS Program and its diversity."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Sakher Almohamad, Syria

"I believe in diversity and consider myself a citizen of the world with ideas for media projects. That's why I think the IMS Master's Program is the best choice for improving the skills I need for management, development, journalism and digital media. In other words: DW Akademie offers me the best opportunity for this."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Ahmed Eid, Egypt

"As an experienced investigative journalist I know the importance of thinking globally, and that's why I want to broaden my horizons. The international profile of the IMS and its diversity provide me with the unique opportunity to keep up with modern approaches in the media field and to acquire academic and practical knowledge that qualifies me to become an international journalist."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Darío Berrío Gil, Colombia

"I'm an easy going person who likes to travel and meet people. I'm taking part in the IMS Program to learn how to advance media literacy in my country, especially through projects that focus on community radio and other local media."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Laila Kaddah, Syria

"As a journalist I've always been curious to know more about other cultures, learn new languages, and write and read about topics that go beyond the borders of my country. Being an IMS student gives me the chance to connect with students from many different countries that reflect many cultures. I'm also looking forward to learning more about journalism in an academic setting."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Tracy Kariuki, Kenya

"While technological progress in my home country has improved accessibility of information, it is imperative that we as journalists actively participate in the development agenda of our countries. I strongly believe that the IMS Program has the prerequisites to give us the opportunity to evaluate and reflect upon global trends in media whilst enabling us to broaden our perspectives."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Kathrin Keller, Germany

"In times of 'fake news' when press freedom is increasingly at risk, high-quality journalism is more important than ever. After graduating with a degree in political science and working in PR and communications, I'd now like to further develop my skills. I am convinced that the IMS Program is the best way to do this, together with people from all over the globe."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Amena Khatun, Bangladesh

"With my journalistic and professional experience, I've seen that the media in my country prefer bad news over good news. With the IMS Program I'm looking forward to observing the German media system as well as the international media and its content. This program is the best choice for me to deepen my understanding of the interdependency of mass media and development."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Cao Lixia, China

"The world is developing at top speed but the media's aim hasn't changed: to reveal the truth and improve the world. The IMS offers me a unique chance to learn about the media in an international context, and to improve both my theoretical and practical skills. I'm glad to be here, to see things from a multidimensional perspective and to then put my efforts into the media field back home."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Karelia Llanos, Mexico

"Since finishing my journalism studies I've constantly been involved with international affairs and media studies. I think the IMS Program is the best option for me to learn more about German and international media. I'm here because I'd like to expand my media knowledge, to learn from other cultures and to further the skills I had already gained while working in my home country."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Brunna Marques Duarte, Brazil

"I've been studying and working in the field of communication and media management for more than 10 years, and I'm fascinated by the ability to change situations and lives for the better. It's a great pleasure to be part of this program, a unique opportunity to learn more about the diverse and current aspects of the media and with the added benefit of being in a multicultural environment."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Eleanor Nandwa, Kenya

"Because of its international orientation and structure, taking part in this program is one step closer to creating change in the world of the media. This is especially so, coming from a continent which is oftentimes portrayed negatively but in a real sense has a lot of positive things to offer in all areas."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Anh Thy Nguyen, Vietnam

"With the IMS Program I'll be gaining empirical skills with practice-oriented projects but also gaining experience and building an invaluable professional network. I'll also be taking a closer look at the world's media from a different perspective. I think it's beneficial for students to experience multicultural differences as well as similarities."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Carla Portillo Delgado, Mexico

"I have always been curious about the different expressions of culture and social phenomena relating to identity, migration and the arts. These are my passions, my work and part of my academic research. That's why I'm looking forward to continuing to create and develop projects that follow this path with an aim to expand horizons and question social norms."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

M. Sohrab Samanian, Afghanistan

"I come from a country which for decades has been suffering from civil war. Almost all of Afghanistan's infrastructure has been destroyed but I believe our young media sector can create hope for our people. I hope that the knowledge I gain in the IMS Program will help me to work for peace, stability, freedom and democracy in Afghanistan and all over the world."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Aldo Sánchez Vera, Mexico

"Working as a TV presenter and radio host has allowed me to dive into some of my biggest passions: environmental issues, music, human rights, arts and culture. I now want to dive even deeper and improve my skills in journalism, media education and economics. Learning with media professionals from different latitudes will give me new perspectives on how to face complex communication challenges."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Emmy Sasipornkarn Srimingkwanchai, Thailand

"Being a part of the IMS Program will help me to learn about the media landscapes of other countries, especially in terms of freedom of speech, censorship and criticism of institutions, and in comparing them to the situation in my home country. I hope to further develop and build on the experience I already have and become a well-rounded journalist."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Pascal Sevadouno, Guinea

"Knowledge is power. Building on my experience as a musician, journalist, sound engineer and production manager, I'd like to expand my knowledge in the media field at DW Akademie. The IMS Program is highly international and multidisciplinary, so I see it as a valuable experience and an opportunity to achieve my goal of becoming an expert in the media field."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Mohammed Sharfeldeen Abdo Mohammed, Sudan

"The IMS provides me with a unique opportunity to further develop my skills in the field of media and journalism, as well as enhance my communication skills. This program provides me with expertise in international media and the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills for a career in the media sector. It prepares me to meet the challenges ."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Shipra Sharma, Indien

"My biggest motivation in life is to contribute to our society so that we may create a place where we can be more tolerant and respectful. I believe that the best way for me to do this is by using media as a platform where my voice can reach the masses. I plan to use my experience and the knowledge gained in the IMS Program to appeal to people's humane and logical sides for a better future."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Gabriela Véliz, Cuba

"Images are simply my passion and are why I worked as a television reporter and photographer in my own country. I feel blessed to live in the digital era and be a millennial journalist. My mind is full of ideas and I look forward to putting them into practice in the Master's Program. I also look forward to my time in Germany as being one of the most enriching experiences I have had so far."

International Media Studies: Class of 2018

Alya Zahran, Egypt

"As a mass communication graduate and television producer, studying in Germany at DW Akademie together with people from different backgrounds and with different experiences will undoubtedly broaden my horizon and enhance my skills in producing television programs that help improve the Egyptian media discourse."

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