In addition to its learning and teaching activities, research projects are also an important aspect of the Master's program "International Media Studies".

The focus here is on empirical research and the methodological approaches of social and communication sciences. The projects aim to promote academic exchange, intensify research focusing on the international media environment, and to apply results to the field of media and development cooperation.

Given the close collaboration with universities, think tanks and research institutes in Germany and abroad, the Master's Program offers a variety of opportunities for junior and well-established researchers.

This includes participation in conferences, research projects, publications and university partnerships.

DW Akademie - Studierende der International Media Studies in ihrer Praxiswoche (DW/E.-M. Senftleben)
Research Projects
DW Akademie Veranstaltung Medien International und Media Dialog (DW Akademie/Philipp Böll)

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