Expert Talks at DW Akademie's booth

Jemila Abdulai holding her expert talk on digital participation at re:publica in Accra (DW/E. Senftleben)

14 December 2018

12:00 An introduction to "Mo-Jo on Tro-Tro – Mobile Journalism on a tour through Accra" with trainers Simone Grabs and Patrick Batarilo

13:00 African Launch of the "Interactive Medialandscape"

14:00 Sneak Peek of the "True Story...? Verification Quiz Show" with hosts Chrispin Mwakideu and Myriam Redondo

15:00 DW's TV show "The 77 Percent" with journalist Eddy Micah

16:00 "Digital participation – a way for fighting corruption" with Jeremiah Sam, Penplusbytes


15 December 2018

09:30 Impressions from the "Mo-Jo on Tro-Tro" tours with trainers Simone Grabs and Patrick Batarilo

11:00 "Empowerment of youth by digital participation" with Kingsley Obeng-Kyereh, Executive Coordinator of Curious Minds, and Jemila Abdulai

12:00 "Code for Africa – Investigative Data Journalism in East Africa" with Natascha Schwanke and Catherine Gicheru

15:00 DW's TV show "The 77 Percent" with journalist Eddy Micah

DW Akademie's sessions at #rpAccra

Ghana Accra - re:publica Konferenz Poster (DW/P. Zimmer)

DW Akademie showcased its work in supporting digital media makers in Africa and worldwide at #rpAccra in Ghana.

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