The DW Akademie Team

Head, DW Akademie

Carsten von Nahmen became Head of DW Akademie in September 2018. He was DW's Senior Correspondent in Washington from February 2017–August 2018 and prior to that, as of 2014, Head of DW's News and Current Affairs Department. Von Nahmen has long worked with and for DW Akademie. Beginning in 2005 he headed various DW Akademie regional divisions and until 2014 was DW Akademie's Deputy Director.

The DW Akademie Team

Head, Media Development; Deputy Head, DW Akademie

Prior to joining DW Akademie in 2014 as Deputy Head and Head of Media Development, Ute Schaeffer worked as DW's editor-in-chief for radio and online. She came to DW in 1995 and initially developed the Ukrainian Service. She later headed the African and Middle Eastern Services. Schaeffer has been involved in projects in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Gulf states.

The DW Akademie Team

Head, Education and Administration

Professor Christoph Schmidt studied economics and was a marketing manager and consultant for numerous corporations before joining Deutsche Welle in 1995. He has since held various senior positions at DW. He became the head of DW Akademie's Education and Administration in 2006, and since 2010 also heads the International Media Studies Master's Program.

The DW Akademie Team

Head, Strategy and Consulting Services

Petra Berner previously worked as a freelancer for various media and was involved in development projects in Zimbabwe, Ecuador and Peru. She has also been trained in the areas of systemic organization development and human resource development. She headed DW Akademie's Latin America division from 2005 - 2012.

The DW Akademie Team

Head, Media Training

Daniela Wiesler-Schnalke has a degree in German studies, literary studies and psychology. She began working for the print media in 1989. She joined Deutsche Welle in 1994 as a radio editor, and also spent two years as an editor with the international Japanese broadcaster NHK in Tokyo. She has headed the DW Akademie Media Training division since 2005.

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