Honing your professional image

To make a convincing, successful public appearance, it's essential to appear both confident and genuine, and to convey a clear message. This applies whether you're in front of the camera, behind a microphone, on a stage or reaching the audience via the Internet.

DW Akademie's media training teaches you how journalists work, how to successfully deliver your core message, how to design your or your own organization's social media presence and how to communicate effectively during a crisis. Our workshops emphasize the practical side and give you the skills you need to navigate any number of situations.

We offer you expertise both here in Germany and abroad, and with media professionals as your trainers. Whether you're interested in knowing more about interviewing techniques, social media, intercultural skills, event moderation or mobile reporting, our coaching and workshops are tailored to meet your needs.

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How clients and participants see our workshops and coaching expertise

Christian Gayoso

Head of Economic Affairs, German Embassy, Chile

Amel Djait

Press officer for the Ministry of Tourism, Tunisia

Jennifer Stapper

Chief of the Communications Section, United Nations Volunteers, Germany

Tim Pich Kessy

Staff member at the Ministry of Women's Affairs, Cambodia

Matthias Ruchser

Head of Communications, German Development Institute, Germany

Anja Martin

Journalist and moderator, Germany

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