For pros, by pros

Overcoming stage fright

A successful appearance in the media depends on more than just talent. Our media training workshops feature practical exercises that help you assess how you come across in front of the camera or behind the microphone. You'll build on your strengths and see which areas you still need to work on.

Tailored just for you

In addition to open workshops, we offer customized training sessions including individual coaching sessions as well as workshops for small groups of up to six people. The goal is to meet your specific needs, whether it's media training via e-learning platforms, mobile reporting or intercultural training, to name just a few of our focuses.

Navigate new communication channels with confidence

These days, a social media presence is a must for groups, public institutions, organizations and companies. But developing an effective social media strategy takes more than posting occasional updates and pictures. Our training shows you how to refine your social media profile. We also look at how to avoid controversy that can quickly go viral on social media, as well as how to protect data.

Always up to date

Journalists have to be on top of new developments if they want to stay in the game. There are constant technical advances, more direct distribution channels and an ever-changing set of challenges. Frequent training to refresh skills and keep abreast of developments is a must. Our journalism workshops keep you on top of your game when it comes to both content and technical tools at your disposal.

Global transparency

Tunisia, Ukraine, Myanmar, Bhutan - these are just a few of the countries where DW Akademie media trainers have worked. As a complement to our media development projects, DW Akademie trainers and consultants support the setup of press offices that focus on transparency; they help develop communications strategies, and train government employees how to effectively use social media.

Expertise from experience

Our trainers and consultants are working media professionals who bring many years of journalistic experience both in Germany and abroad into the seminar room. Among our trainers are hosts and reporters at Germany's well-respected public broadcasting institutions as well as experienced practitioners from a wide variety of fields.

Focusing on practical skills

Instead of long, tiresome lectures on theoretical concepts, DW Akademie's workshops put the emphasis on developing skills through practical exercises. The training goals of each workshop are set by the group at the start so that by the end, everyone has the knowledge and skills that he or she was aiming for.

Real-world conditions

Our workshops in DW Akademie locations in Berlin and Bonn are held in modern seminar rooms equipped to a high technical standard. Trainees also practice in DW's own professional studios where we simulate studio interviews, discussions, talk shows and other formats. This way, participants get a feel for what it's like when they put their new skills to the test out in the real world.

Are you looking to polish your skills? Our trainers are experienced journalists who have you practice under real-life conditions and with the latest equipment.