Generation 25 - the children of unity

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German reunification is 25 years old - just like the infants born in that dramatic period from 1989/90. What unites these young people? What values, dreams and worries do they share? And how do they see their shared future?

On October 3, 2015, Germany will celebrate 25 years of unity. Just like the infants born in 1989-90, the reunified country has come of age. At 25, you might have already achieved something in life. Or you might have already failed. Or you might have just left for pastures new. But what exactly drives this generation of young Germans? What world do they move around in? How do they see the future? And what’s their take on the fall of the Berlin Wall and German reunification? "Generation 25” looks into the lives of today’s 25-year-olds. From YouTube star to mayor, from Wine Queen to aspiring monk: a snapshot of the zeitgeist and lifestyles that are as diverse as this generation itself.