German cyclist Jan Ullrich arrested on assault charges

The 44-year-old former Tour de France winner was arrested on charges of assaulting an escort in the German city of Frankfurt. Prosecutors told DW Ullrich was under the influence of "massive amounts of alcohol and drugs."

Former German cyclist and Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich was taken into custody on assault charges in Frankfurt, authorities said. 

Frankfurt's Prosecutor's Office confirmed to DW that Ullrich had allegedly assaulted an escort at a luxury hotel. He had spent Thursday night with the woman. The two got into an argument and things escalated. 

"He got a visit from a call girl, a dispute took place and the lady was allegedly choked," prosecutor's office spokeswoman Nadja Niesen confirmed to DW.

Niesen told DW that Ullrich was under the influence of "massive amounts of alcohol and other drugs." 

"He was very impaired," Niesen said. 

Authorities said Ullrich did not pose an immediate danger, so he had been released while the investigation is ongoing. Later on Friday, however, Ullrich was committed to a psychiatric clinic.

German newspaper Bild reported that following the alleged attack, the woman sought help from hotel staff and the police was called. The woman required medical attention, Bild said.

Two arrests in one month

Ullrich had traveled to Frankfurt to begin an addiction treatment program, after admitting he needed help, following a prior run-in with police in Spain.

The 44-year-old former cyclist was arrested in the Spanish island of Mallorca after breaking into his neighbor's house and threatening him. The neighbor was German film star and former friend Til Schweiger.

Jan Ullrich is the first German to win the Tour de France in 1997. He also won gold and silver medals at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. But in 2013, after facing accusations and bans from the sport for years, Ullrich ultimately admitted that he had engaged in blood doping throughout his career. 

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