Germany's 16 states: Baden-Württemberg

A selfie in front of the ruins of Heidelberg Castle and winter sports in the Black Forest are just two good reasons to visit Baden-Württemberg.

10 reasons to love Heidelberg

Ideal location

The bridge, the old town center, the castle - this panoramic view has fascinated and enchanted poets, painters and philosophers. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote over 200 years ago: "One might say the city, with its location and environment, is somewhat ideal."

10 reasons to love Heidelberg

Old Bridge

The Old Bridge is one of the city's landmarks. There was a wooden bridge at this spot across the Neckar as far back as 1284, but it was regularly washed away by high waters. In 1788, this stone bridge was constructed instead. It leads to the old town center and up to the castle.

10 reasons to love Heidelberg

World famous ruin

Towering above the city is the castle of Palatine counts. In the 17th century, it was destroyed by French troops, and all that remains now is a ruin. But it is this aura of transience that makes this place so attractive.

10 reasons to love Heidelberg

Romantic backdrop

Heidelberg Castle is undisputedly the main attraction of the city. At the end of the 19th century, the magnificent state rooms were restored, and they can be toured to this day. But nearly as exciting for tourists are the ruins.

10 reasons to love Heidelberg

Cosy old town center

The town center dates back to the Middle Ages, though most of the house façades are Baroque. Much to tourists' delight, there are lots of small cafes, restaurants and shops. This picture book town is particularly popular with visitors from the US and Japan.

10 reasons to love Heidelberg

Venerable place of learning

The motto of Heidelberg University is "Semper apertus" - which is Latin and means "Always open." The university was founded in 1386, making it Germany's oldest. Famous scientists and philosophers like Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Robert Bunsen and Jürgen Habermas have taught here. And the students have always kept Heidelberg young and vibrant.

10 reasons to love Heidelberg

Former jail for students

In the past, students caught disturbing the peace, be it with drunkenness or sword fights, were put into detention cells. They could find themselves locked up for as long as four weeks. During detention, they were nevertheless allowed to attend lectures. After class, they had to return to the student detention area, where they spent time covering the walls with sayings and drawings.

10 reasons to love Heidelberg

Literary seal of approval

Leading poets have visited and praised the city. Goethe was here, as well as Joseph von Eichendorff, Friedrich Hölderlin, Jean Paul, and Mark Twain - to name but a few. Heidelberg still has a lively literary scene. A highlight is the annual literature festival during the summer. Heidelberg was named Germany's first ever UNESCO City of Literature in 2014.

10 reasons to love Heidelberg

Animal mascot

As far back as the 15th century, documents mention a monkey on the Old Bridge. Today's bronze figurine was erected in 1979 and has since become a favorite motif for photographs. Local legend says that if you touch the figurine you'll return to Heidelberg.

10 reasons to love Heidelberg

Romantic bursts of light

During the summer, fireworks over the castle attract many onlookers. Armed with blankets and food baskets, they secure the best spots on the Neckar meadows or on a river boat, hours before the event. When the castle is illuminated by all those colorful lights, Heidelberg truly lives up to its reputation as a dream destination for romantics.

This federal state in south-western Germany is known worldwide, especially for the Black Forest. In fact, the "Ländle," or "little land," as the locals affectionately call it, has much more to offer: from nature in the Swabian Jura to plenty of art and culture in the state capital Stuttgart.

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Travel tips for Baden-Württemberg


In the 19th century the town of Baden-Baden was particularly popular with Russian guests as a luxurious health spa. Today, the most affluent tourists come from all over the world. Is this place also suitable for young people? Check-in moderator Lukas Stege asked himself this question.

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Baden-Baden: Luxury in the Black Forest


Stuttgart is known for its automotive history, with Mercedes and Porsche. But it's not just the museums of the motoring world that make the state capital attractive — also some icons of modern architectural history!

10 reasons to visit Stuttgart

City of palaces

The Kings of Württemberg once ruled in Stuttgart, and the many palaces in the area bear witness to this time. The New Palace is in the city center, and during summer the square is a popular hangout for locals and tourists alike. The building is now used by the State Ministries of Finance and Education.

10 reasons to visit Stuttgart

Cars, cars and more cars

Stuttgart is a top destination for car fanatics. Although subject to opinion, it's widely accepted that the first automobile was invented by Karl Benz in Stuttgart in 1886. Visitors can learn about the inception and development of the car in the Mercedes Benz museum, and the Porsche museum takes guests on a journey through the history of their own brand.

10 reasons to visit Stuttgart

Weissenhof Estate

A feat of architecture are the buildings of Stuttgart's Weissenhof Estate. They were designed by the famous architects Le Corbusier and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1927 as an exhibition on modern living. Both buildings by Le Corbusier (pictured) were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2016, together with several of his other works in seven different countries.

10 reasons to visit Stuttgart

Take to the stage

Stuttgart's theaters have something for everyone. There are six large, private theaters, around 20 smaller establishments and the multiple award-winning Stuttgart State Theater with opera, ballet and drama productions. There are 700 shows to choose from every month in Stuttgart.

10 reasons to visit Stuttgart

Museums and galleries

There are 11 large museums plus 30 smaller exhibition buildings and special collections. The Schweine Museum, for example, is about the art and cultural history of the pig. Among the classics is the Staatsgalerie with paintings and sculptures from the 14th to the 21st century. The architecture is a wonder in itself - a post-modern building combined with traditional building elements.

10 reasons to visit Stuttgart

City life among the vineyards

Stuttgart lies in a valley surrounded by vineyards. The winemaking industry has more presence here than in any other big German city, and a number of hiking trails take visitors through the vineyards. The tradition dates back 1000 years, and the wine-growing museum (Weinbaumuseum) provides information about the history.

10 reasons to visit Stuttgart

Swabian cuisine

A drop of Swabian wine goes hand in hand with some hearty Swabian food. Maultaschen, for example, are pasta pockets filled with mince, veal, spinach and parsley. Visitors can sample Swabian cuisine in one of Stuttgart's many restaurants or in a "Besenwirtschaft" - traditional Swabian wine taverns that operate without a license for a maximum of four months a year.

10 reasons to visit Stuttgart

Stuttgart Market Hall

The ingredients for a traditional Swabian meal can be found in all their forms at Stuttgart Markthalle. Even the most discerning foodies will be in their element here, and top chefs also come to buy their produce. It's worth a visit just to see the Art Nouveau architecture, that's now listed as a historical monument.

10 reasons to visit Stuttgart

Cannstatter Wasen Festival

The people of Stuttgart certainly know how to eat and drink… and party! Cannstatter Wasen is a huge festival with tents, stalls and fairground rides. It takes place twice a year in spring and fall, and attracts several million visitors every year.

10 reasons to visit Stuttgart

Stuttgart's landmark

The best place to view this "Swabian paradise" is from the TV tower. It soars 217 meters above the houses and vineyards, and on a good day you can see the mountains of the Swabian Jura. Looking out from the tower at sunset, it's easy to understand why many people still see Stuttgart as paradise on Earth.

Swabian Alb

Protected cultivated countryside, crowned here and there by castles, stretches out south of Stuttgart. In the Swabian Alb Biosphere Reserve in the Jura mountains, hiking trails take you through a distinctive low-mountain landscape, past meadows with scattered fruit trees and through beech forests. Lukas Stege, who hosts our TV travel show Check-in, has put on his hiking boots. 

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Something for everyone in the Swabian Jura

Basilica Birnau

Because the original St. Mary's Chapel could no longer withstand the onslaught of pilgrims, the monastery church of Birnau was built and consecrated in 1750. Today not only pilgrims want to see this jewel of the baroque age.

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#DailyDrone: Pilgrimage Church in Birnau

Highlight in a 360-degree-video

With 22 million overnight stays in 2018, the Black Forest is more popular than ever before. The capital of the Black Forest is Freiburg with its 800-year-old Gothic cathedral in the city center.

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