Greece wildfires in pictures

Greece wildfires in pictures

Search crews

Rescue teams are searching through charred homes and cars, going door to door looking for victims. A firefighter in the hard-hit coastal community of Mati, near Athens, saved a dog from a burning house. "Mati no longer exists," said Evangelos Bournous, the mayor of nearby Rafina.

Greece wildfires in pictures

Pushed into the sea

Fast moving wildfires fueled by a deadly combination of dry pine trees and wind ripped through coastal areas in Attica, catching vacationers by surprise. Hundreds of people had be evacuated by boat from beaches as deadly fire and smoke encroached. Some were not so lucky and drowned in the sea.

Greece wildfires in pictures

Heavy smoke

The raging wildfires have left a thick haze of smoke near Athens. Here, police direct traffic in Kineta, outside Athens. Dozens of people have been hospitalized due to smoke inhalation.

Greece wildfires in pictures

Homes, lives destroyed

Thousands of homes have been destroyed. "People are shocked, lost. Some of them have lost everything: children, parents, homes," said Red Cross spokeswoman Georgia Trisbioti.

Greece wildfires in pictures

Nothing but charred remains

Hundreds of cars were torched in the fires. Authorities expect the death toll to rise as rescue crews search through the charred remains of homes and cars.

The wildfires around Athens are the deadliest to hit Greece in more than a decade. Whole coastal areas have been devastated and the death toll could rise as rescuers search charred remains of homes and cars.

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