#headabovewater - Bangladesh: Breaking bodies, one ship at a time

The Bengali city of Chittagong is a graveyard for cargo vessels. Alamgir works at a shipbreaking yard dismantling the giant boats - and risking his life. There’s no social security, no safety gear and very little pay.

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#headabovewater: Call of duty - Alamgir, Bangladesh

Alamgir started working when he was just nine years old, he tells Life Links reporter Gönna as he takes her into the world of the ship-breakers of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Hundreds of huge cargo vessels are sent here every year to be entirely dismantled, so the materials can be reused. Alamgir works with his bare hands and a blowtorch to dismantle the ships - a dangerous and backbreaking profession. There’s no social security, no safety gear nor training. Instead: low pay, accidents and a lack of alternatives. He has no choice but to keep going.

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