IFA 2017: This is how our digital future will look


A vision of the future

A major trend at the 2017 IFA consumer electronics trade fair in Berlin is virtual reality. It is even being touted as "part of the future of television," according to Kay Meseberg from TV broadcaster Arte. Newly developed 360-degree cameras should ensure better quality for users and be able to capture memorable panorama moments forever.


A generation of digital natives

The field of entertainment electronics continues to grow. Bluetooth earbuds, smart speakers and much more are on offer at the fair. Above all, the idea of voice-controlled devices is taking hold. Who wouldn't want an intelligent assistant that makes work easier? Many devices - especially loudspeakers - are now equipped with voice assistance such as Siri or Alexa.


The smart home

It was only in 2008 that household appliances were exhibited at IFA for the first time. Now it is impossible to imagine the electronics show without them. After all, digitalization has already started taking over daily housework. The "smart home," in which various household appliances are networked. is being constantly expanded to include new possibilities.


Transparency in television

A seemingly simple pane of glass which functions as a transparent display with a touch function included - is this the future of television? The odds look good for such TVs with the new "frame function." As soon as these popular devices are turned off, the screen turns into the work of art of your choice and can decorate any room of the house.


The Fairphone 2

Almost everyone today has a smartphone. Yet the Fairphone stands out in terms of sustainability and longevity. One of its best features is the ability to easily replace broken parts. But the mobile phone manufacturer is also trying to improve the working conditions among its suppliers besides helping the environment by reducing waste.


Flying objects with top features

Unsurprisingly, many different drone models can also be seen flying through the air at the show in Berlin. Exhibitors are now trying to lure customers with promises of longer flight times and quieter motors. Often, these small flying objects are equipped with a special camera which can take spectacular high-quality aerial photographs.


The future of fitness

Fitness trackers and health apps are still at the digital forefront. Smart watches can count your steps and the calories burnt, while also assessing the quality of your sleep or warning against excessive periods of inactivity. But a big cultural breakthrough of these digital helpers is still waiting to happen - even so, many new models are being displayed at the fair.


Putting your best foot forward

This year, companies are giving their all with spectacular shows in order to leave a strong impression on visitors. But with 1,800 exhibitors this is not an easy task. Nonetheless, the IFA fair is still regarded as a trendsetter for consumer electronics, even though it first opened in 1924. This year's show runs until September 6 at Berlin's trade fair grounds.

Our homes are becoming increasingly smarter, equipped with refrigerators with built-in cameras, transparent TVs and household appliances that hear voice commands. These trends and much more at Berlin's IFA trade show.

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