A1, A2, B1 | Harry – gefangen in der Zeit

Learn German for free. "Harry" is a bilingual, German course composed of 100 episodes. You'll find 400 interactive exercises online, a vocabulary trainer with more than 3,500 spoken words, as well as geographical information and ideas for lessons for all of the episodes.Multimedia, totally crazy.Harry keeps experiencing the same day – again and again – in Germany. A day that keeps repeating itself? No one believes him. Can Harry escape the time warp? Learn German and find out.

Level: A1, A2, B1
Media type: audio, video, text (download), interactive exercises, vocabulary trainer, lesson plans
Languages: German | English


02:37 mins.
Harry - Videopodcasts | 08.12.2015


Deutschlernprojekt Steckbriefe Harry Walkott
00:58 mins.
Harry - Videopodcasts | 09.12.2015

Hallo, ich heiße Harry.

Deutschlernprojekt Steckbriefe Harry Julia
00:58 mins.
Harry - Videopodcasts | 31.10.2018

Hallo, ich heiße Julia.

Deutschlernprojekt Steckbriefe Harry Anna
00:58 mins.
Harry - Videopodcasts | 09.12.2015

Hallo, ich heiße Anna.

Deutschlernprojekt Steckbriefe Harry Helen
00:58 mins.
Harry - Videopodcasts | 09.12.2015

Hallo, ich heiße Helen.

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