Level A1

A1 | Mission Europe

Three exciting adventures for language learning! Mission Europe offers an introductory level A1 course for German, French and Polish within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Like in a computer game, you can go on an adventure in France, Poland and Germany with the virtual heroines and train your listening comprehension.

Level: A1
Media: Audio, Text (download), mobile
Languages: German | English

Albanian Shqip

Amharic አማርኛ

Arabic العربية

Bengali বাংলা

Bosnian B/H/S

Bulgarian Български

Chinese (Simplified) 简

Chinese (Traditional) 繁

Croatian Hrvatski

Dari دری

English English

French Français

German Deutsch

Greek Ελληνικά

Hausa Hausa

Hindi हिन्दी

Indonesian Indonesia

Kiswahili Kiswahili

Macedonian Македонски

Pashto پښتو

Persian فارسی

Polish Polski

Portuguese Português para África

Portuguese Português do Brasil

Romanian Română

Russian Русский

Serbian Српски/Srpski

Spanish Español

Turkish Türkçe

Ukrainian Українська

Urdu اردو