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The Week in Reports

Lifestyle Europe

Splendid coaches, proud riders and señoritas in bright flamenco dresses: it’s the Feria del Caballo in Jerez de la Frontera. Plus: more restaurants are dressing waiters in designer outfits. And asparagus season is here!

Living in the Digital Age

Fake news stirs up emotions, spreads fear and influences elections, as it did recently in the world’s largest democratic vote in India. Why do false reports spread so rapidly? How can they be stopped?

The Motor Magazine

This week, it’s all about on Drive it! We check out 2 SUV models with very different personalities: the powerful Seat Cupra Ateca and the fuel-efficient Kia Sportage. Also: the Toyota Camry’s return, the new BMW 7 Series and a vintage VW Beetle.

Life Currents, Part 1: How Will We Satisfy Our Hunger for Energy in The Future?

Our hunger for energy goes beyond all limits and will double in the next 20 years. But what available technologies could meet the growing thirst for electricity? And will we also have to cut power consumption? What can Europe learn from China? And could "decentralization" into so-called "microgrids" the future of energy?

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