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Growing greens in the Arctic

In Spitsbergen, one of the northern-most populated areas inside the Arctic Circle, American Benjamin Vidmar is attempting the unthinkable. On an island that is dark for three months of the year, he’s growing fresh vegetables for the local community.

The Environment Magazine

On this week's Eco Africa, we check out a house made from plastic bottles in Nigeria, youth protesters in Berlin and the cooperative savings group empowering Senegalese women.

The Week in Reports

A young woman in Peru breaks with the traditions of her indigenous people and in so doing becomes a role model for others. +++ In Kenya senior women learn martial arts and defend themselves against sexual violence.

Lifestyle Europe

Van Gogh all around: a multimedia exhibition immerses visitors in the post-impressionist’s works. Plus: tickling the ivories: pianist Maksim Mrvica. And: wrapped up as a straw bear: Euromaxx reporter Max Merrill.

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