Merkel’s Successor: Next German Chancellor?

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The German Christian Democrats have a new party leader: Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Also known as AKK, she has taken the reigns of a deeply divided CDU. Could she succeed Angela Merkel as chancellor as well? Guests: Pascale Hugues (Le Point), Derek Scally (Irish Times), Malte Lehming (Tagesspiegel)
DW Quadriga Pascale Hugues


Pascale Hugues is a correspondent for the French Magazine “Le Point”. She says: “"I doubt that the new team in Berlin will provide a huge boost for Europe.”


DW Quadriga Derek Scally


Derek Scally is a correspondent for the Irish Times. He believes: “AKK will have to make clear to Angela Merkel - and soon - who is chef and who is waitress in their relationship and re-establish Germany as a source of ideas and momentum for European integration.”

DW Quadriga Malte Lehming


Malte Lehming works for the daily journal “Der Tagesspiegel”. She says: “AKK is a conservative Catholic , a European, she fought successful elections, has governing experience and knows her own party well. She could definitely be the next chancellor.”