Of blue bills and Colombian conservation

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Colombian bird sanctuary

Referred to by indigenous populations as the "Paujil," Colombia's mystical blue-billed curassow is one of the country's most threatened bird species. Saving its remaining habitat is crucial for its survival.

Project area: 4,500 hectares

Blue-billed curassow habitat: 98 percent has been destroyed

Estimated blue-billed curassow population: 300 to 500 animals

Bird species in the project area: 360

The blue-billed curassow lives in the low-lying rainforests in the Magdalena region of Colombia. It's a natural paradise that offers shelter for rare species of monkeys, reptiles and birds - but this paradise is under threat due to environmental degradation. Using donations, the conservation organization ProAves has purchased land in the region, and is now trying to involve the local population in protecting it.

A film by Michael Altenhenne

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