Poland: Quadrat design store

Planet Berlin: Polish style

Spreading the word

Poles in Germany are still fighting clichés and bad jokes. Though only about 100 kilometers from the German capital, many Berliners have no idea what's happening in the nearby nation, even three decades after the fall of the Wall. Maciek Tyszecki (l.) and Piotrek Ksiazek have started to change that by creating a platform for the best Polish designer and fashion wares.

Planet Berlin: Polish style

High design

White walls invite visitors in the minimalist Quadrat store where the latest fashion from Poland is clearly in view on metal clothes racks. No embroidered folk costumes here; instead contemporary, high-design fashion that can compete with the major international clothing brands. The pieces are not only designed in Poland but are also produced there.

Planet Berlin: Polish style

The art of the accessory

The store's range does not only include fashion but actually started out with accessories, as well. It all began with Anna Orska. Although her work is more art than accessory, pieces by the well-known Polish jewelry designer, who has been featured in "Vogue" magazine, were not available in Berlin — until Quadrat opened.

Planet Berlin: Polish style

Polish pride

The Quadrat store is located in the heart of the city, not far from Hackescher Markt in Berlin-Mitte. It stands among many small independent fashion boutiques and interior design stores. The inscription on the glass façade confidently advertises that its goods are sourced from "Polish Designers."

Jewelry, fashion and interiors: Maciek Tyszecki and Piotrek Ksiazek bring select Polish design wares to Berlin-Mitte. They rely on superior handwork and novelty appeal.

A world-traveling designer trained in anthropology and a photographer – whatever these two put their minds to is bound to be an ambitious endeavor. And this shop is the product of just such a duo. Designer Maciek Tyszecki and photographer Piotrek Ksiazek opened their concept store – Quadrat Shop – in Berlin Mitte in 2016.

The store features a sophisticated selection of jewelery, fashion, and interior design products from Polish designers. Maciek Tyszecki returned from an extended stay in Asia in 2015 and at the same time, Piotrek Ksiazek, looking to develop his craft as a photographer, left Kraków, heading westward.

Both had friends in Berlin and each had spent some time in the city – and they had noticed that the works of one of Poland's most prestigious jewelery designers, Anna Orska, was totally absent from the scene. Her clear, edgy, and mysterious designs were the perfect embodiment of what the two were looking for: metropolitan charm paired with quality craftsmanship and a generous wow-factor – and everything made in Poland.

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The minimalist shop also features fashion designers such as Pat Guzik, who, for many years, has been bringing the concept of sustainability to street fashion, and Pani Jurek, who embraces traditional Polish furniture craftsmanship, translating it into contemporary forms.

Maciek Tyszecki and Piotrek Ksiazek cover a wide range of current trends spanning both Poland and the international community, particularly when it comes to fashion. Anyone entering their shop might be puzzled by the fact the Polish design is not already more popular. But things can change – and Quadrat Shop is doing its part to make that happen.

Author: Iris Braun

Gormannstr. 23
10119 Berlin-Mitte