Protest in Chemnitz: What is the root of this hate?

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Rage and violence in the streets of Chemnitz. A deadly knife attack by refugees on a German man has led to riots and the targeting of foreigners. Right-wing demonstrators and anti-fascist counterdemonstrators are facing off. Are police and politicians out of their depth? Our guests: Karen Taylor (Policy Advisor), Hans Pfeifer (DW), Malte Lehming (Tagesspiegel)

Our guests:

Karen Taylor is a Policy Advisor and expert on racism. She says: "As long as Germany does not deal with its racism problem more people will be hunted because of their race - not only in Chemnitz!"




Hans Pfeifer works for DW and is an expert on right wing extremism. He says: "Germany is facing a constitutional crisis - politicians and citizens increasingly ignore the basic principles of  Germany's core values."




Malte Lehming is a commentator for the daily newspaper “Der Tagesspiegel”. He says: “The events in Chemnitz are shocking and disgusting. But by and large – and especially in a European perspective – Germany coped with the refugee crisis quite well. More than 300.000 migrants have found a job, unemployment is low, the welfare system strong.”