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Elizabeth Shoo - Profile

Do they speak Kiswahili in Bavaria? 

Elizabeth Shoo was born in Germany but raised in Tanzania, so she kind of has a foot on both continents. Although she says that both places are home, in her heart, she feels like a Tanzanian. After she returned to Germany’s Rhineland to attend college, she took part in DW Akademie’s trainee program – and she hasn’t left since. She says her feeling of “home” can change at a moment’s notice. As soon as she touches down in Tanzania, or vice-versa, there is an automatic switch: From the punctual, orderly country of her birth to the country of her forefathers and mothers that’s warm, colorful and bustling with activity. It’s this implicit understanding of two cultures that offers her a unique way of seeing the world. She is currently working as part of the social media team for DW News as well as doing radio for the Kiswahili department. 

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