The best sports photos from September


Two faced fan

A Chicago Bears fan takes his support for his team to the extreme in their NFL game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Soldier Field Stadium.


Batter up!

Arizona Diamondbacks' 'super raptor' mascot steps up to receive the first pitch against the Miami Marlins. A bat might help.


The end of the run

Cristiano Ronaldo's frustration is apparent as Real Madrid's 512-day scoring streak ends against Real Betis.


What stands up must come down

Sumo wrestler Maegashira Shohozan (r) takes advantage of the laws of gravity to thrown Ozeki Goeido to the floor at the Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo.


You shall not pass!

German handball player Jenny Karolius just cannot find a way through in her country's match against Lithunia.


Where are you?

French rider Johann Zarco checks over his shoulder for competitors during the MotoGP in Spain.


Head over heels

Dallas Cowboys' Dak Prescott takes the acrobatic route to a touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals.


Dancing through the defense

This wasn't the only time Kylian Mbappe waltzed past David Alaba. The Paris Saint-Germain forward also embarrassed the Bayern fullback for his side's third in a 3-0 win.

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