The Golem - the legend of man

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Originating in Jewish folklore, Golem was kneaded out of inanimate matter and enlivened with words. Generations of artists have been inspired by the magical creatures, most recently in relation to robots. A film about a 2000 year old cultural myth.

From the Talmud and the Bible through Goethe to science fiction films, the Golem has constantly evolved over the centuries, mirroring the fears and longings people had at the time. According to legend, the Prague Rabbi Löw formed the Golem out of clay: today California artist Joshua Abarbanel creates his legendary superheroes from wood. With fascinating images from the Israeli desert, Prague and Silicon Valley, this film takes an exciting journey through 2,000 years of cultural history that the age of artificial intelligence and robots has done nothing to diminish. Filmmakers Torsten Striegnitz and Simone Dobmeier meet artists and scholars who have a very special relationship with this most prominent of Jewish legends. Director Dominik Graf, for example, is currently working on a film about the Golem. For him, the Golem is a symbol for a being that knows more about humans than humans know about themselves. Manfred Hild, head of the Neurorobotics Research Laboratory in Berlin, where they developed Myon, a robot that even takes part in an opera. "Golem - The Legend of Man” looks at the Jewish origins of this myth and the fascination it has exercised on man since the very beginning.