The image is not being displayed properly. Why is that and what can I do?

If the image is compressed, stretched, or cropped around the edges, the problem is usually that the screen format and broadcast format do not match. There are a variety of ways to resolve the problem.

If you are using a screen in 4 : 3 format, programs in 16 : 9 format can appear compressed, stretched, or cropped.
Many set-top boxes offer the possibility of changing the format of the image using the remote control. In your TV’s settings, select the letterbox picture format. The instruction manual for your set-top box should provide the necessary information on such settings. The letterbox picture format is optimal for watching a broadcast in 16 : 9 format on a TV with a 4 : 3 screen. In this format, black bars will appear at the top and bottom of the screen, but all image content will be displayed.
If you watch DW via a cable provider on a screen in 4 : 3 format and the image is distorted, the cable network operator will need to change the satellite receiver to letterbox format at its cable television headend. Please contact your cable provider in such cases.
With the conversion to the letterbox format, shows in 4 : 3 format are automatically displayed in the 4 : 3 format and broadcasts in 16 : 9 format are shown in letterbox format.
If you have a flat screen in 16 : 9 format, it may be that shows in 4 : 3 format are displayed with compressed, stretched, or cropped edges. It may be that your set-top box or screen has an automatic image adjustment setting enabled.
Automatic image adjustment often leads to shows in 4 : 3 format being magnified to fit the width of a flat screen in 16 : 9 format. This magnification also affects the height of the image. As a result, content at the top and bottom of the image are not displayed.
To change this, you will need to change the display mode settings on your flat screen. Since every TV has its own settings, please see your TV’s manual should you need further help finding the correct setting.

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