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Society | 29.05.2017

The champion surfer who couldn’t swim

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Society | 20.10.2017

Sanitary pads keep girls in school

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Education | 09.11.2017

Stories for Ethiopian kids

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Business | 06.11.2017

Ivory Coast: Entrepreneur with a mission

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Video News | 23.10.2017

Combating child marriage in Malawi

Central Africa

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03:46 mins.
Society | 13.06.2017

Chad: Dancing against terrorism

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01:23 mins.
Society | 18.05.2017

Cameroon's Silicon Valley

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Video News | 06.10.2016

Street kids stick together in Kinshasa

West Africa

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Video News | 02.10.2017

Ivory Coast: training police

Africa on the Move is a multimedia series documenting the lives of amazing people in Sub-Saharan-Africa. We focus on the change makers who use their energy and skills to lift up their communities and their continent.

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Society | 12.10.2015

Watch our Trailer!

Africa on the Move in more languages

Southern Africa

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03:20 mins.
Business | 04.09.2017

Zimbabwe - Chido’s mushroom project

East Africa

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04:10 mins.
Society | 06.10.2017

Restoring Dignity of Victims of War

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03:05 mins.
Society | 28.06.2017

Xiquitsi: realizing the dream of music

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04:10 mins.
Human Rights | 22.08.2017

Seeking justice for helpless inmates

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02:56 mins.
Video News | 19.08.2017

The South Sudan boxing club

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Health | 10.08.2017

Mobile nurse helps returning migrants

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