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New Crime Fighters Series | 27.02.2019

Sweeping Up Likalongo – Ep 01: Not Easy to Convince

Radio crime stories for Africa's youth

Join our detectives in their fight for truth and justice while gaining valuable perspectives on critical issues. Cyber crime, domestic violence, environmental pollution, human trafficking, terrorist recruitment, poaching, land grabbing and counterfeit drugs – this is a series that gets to the heart of what challenges young Africans. Continuing with Learning by Ear's tradition of successful educational radio dramas, Crime Fighters provides knowledge and information in an entertaining format.

DW’s Crime Fighters reporting for duty

Girl power against violence

More suspense and entertainment: Crime Fighters goes in its fourth season, with new exciting crime stories about corruption, waste management and children’s rights. In “It Takes a Village” the teenage sisters Hope (Vanessa Nyambura, left) and Jane (Joyce Nyaga) try to escape an abusive father.

DW’s Crime Fighters reporting for duty

Concentration needed

In the studio, the actors rehearse their lines before the recording of a scene starts. The production takes place at Transworld Radio in Nairobi, Kenya.

DW’s Crime Fighters reporting for duty

Bringing the story to life

All the Crime Fighters stories are written by African authors. The scripts are carefully prepared so that each actor knows what he or she has to say.

DW’s Crime Fighters reporting for duty

Playing the bad girl

Even if she doesn't look at all like a bad girl, she can do it all with her voice: the actress Lydia Gitachu plays the villains in two different stories - a greedy and corrupted politician in “Dirty Deals” and an ambitious and unscrupulous town councilor in “Sweeping Up Likalongo”.

DW’s Crime Fighters reporting for duty

A good clean up is needed

In “Crime Fighters: Sweeping Up Likalongo”, all Randolph (Antony Ndung'u) wanted was to reduce and recycle waste in his town with a new garbage collection service. When he is arrested under false charges after a landslide at the town’s uncontrolled dumping site, his friends fight for his release and for the truth to come out.

DW’s Crime Fighters reporting for duty

Not afraid to speak up

In “Crime Fighters: Dirty Deals”, the law student Zita (Nice Githinji) starts a social media campaign to uncover corruption cases in her city. Her parents Bamju (Abubakr Mwenda) and Chiriku (Mercy Chege) support her.

DW’s Crime Fighters reporting for duty

The president is not amused

In “Crime Fighters: Dirty Deals”, Zita’s efforts to raise awareness about corruption are not well seen by the authorities of the fictional African country of Bambika. The president (Robert Ochieng Waneno, left) and his Information minister (Sam Otage) might come up with a plan of their own to try and stop her.

DW’s Crime Fighters reporting for duty

Never too young to fight for your rights

“Crime Fighters: It Takes a Village” is dedicated to children’s rights. The young actors Mercy Malika and Alex Njenga play two street children who learned to survive under very difficult circumstances and who are always ready to lend a hand to other children in need.

DW’s Crime Fighters reporting for duty

Young voices

Several young actors joined the Crime Fighters’ team this time. They were especially needed in the series “It Takes a Village” about children’s rights to play the friends or classmates of the two main characters Hope and Jane.

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