Radio crime stories for Africa's youth

Join our detectives in their fight for truth and justice while gaining valuable perspectives on critical issues. Cyber crime, domestic violence, environmental pollution, human trafficking, terrorist recruitment, poaching, land grabbing and counterfeit drugs – this is a series that gets to the heart of what challenges young Africans. Continuing with Learning by Ear's tradition of successful educational radio dramas, Crime Fighters provides knowledge and information in an entertaining format.

DW’s Crime Fighters are back!

Fighting crime is a hard task

New intriguing cases, news heroes and new villains. Our newest Crime Fighters stories tackle issues such as cyber crime, domestic violence, environmental pollution and human trafficking. In “Click on the Link”, Victoria Wakio Mzenge and Sam Otage play the police officers Sally Beso and Fred Obi, who are investigating the stabbing of a college student.

DW’s Crime Fighters are back!

Learning the part

Before it can all begin, actors have to get into their roles. In “Silent Cries”, a story about domestic violence, Ann Mwai plays Samira, a young woman who turns to the police after being abused by her husband.

DW’s Crime Fighters are back!

Last preparations

Between each scene, a few technical adjustments are necessary in the studio, James Muhando sets the microphone at the right height for Mercy Muthui before recording a scene of “Silent Cries”, where she plays the role of Ramatu, a young student dedicated to women’s rights.

DW’s Crime Fighters are back!


Everything under control: Sound engineer Götz Bürki monitors the audio levels during the recordings and makes sure they have the best quality possible.

DW’s Crime Fighters are back!

Bad guys or good guys?

Depending on the story, the actors can embody very different characters. In the new Crime Fighters series, Sam Otage, Gilbert Lukalia and Melvin Alusa show various sides of their acting talents.

DW’s Crime Fighters are back!

Making it real

Radio acting takes more than just voices. In "Killing Me Softly", Trevor Gitonga plays the role of Imbachi, a central character in this story about environmental pollution. When he gets mysteriously sick, his mother is very worried. Could this have something to do with the activities of the town's metal refinery?

DW’s Crime Fighters are back!

A body in the studio?

Or is Antony Ndung'u just taking a break between two scenes? In “One Murder Too Many”, his character, George Cross, actually has to deal with a body. The police inspector tries to find out the truth about the death of a young waitress whose identity is a mystery.

DW’s Crime Fighters are back!

Warning! Violent content

In “One Murder Too Many”, 15-year-old Kodjo Dagata, played by Lawrence Murage, dreams of a better future in the neighboring country. A friend promises him good training opportunities. But a harsh reality awaits him there, especially when he faces Dess, played by Peterson Gatambo.

DW’s Crime Fighters are back!

Staying safe online

In “Click on the Link”, Kendi (Sarah Mwix Mutinda) wants to find out who stabbed her friend Zawadi. IT expert Tembo (Tash Mitambo), helps her looking at the young woman’s online activities. He also warns her about potential dangers while using the Internet and social media.

DW’s Crime Fighters are back!

Staging a protest

Some scenes require having many actors in the studio. In "Killing Me Softly", the residents of Donge La Maji go out on the streets to protest about an environmental pollution scandal in their town.

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