Crossroads Generation is "Facing the Future"

Crossroads Generation - Three years after

Learning by Ear’s radio soap goes on with a third season: “Facing the Future”. Three years have passed and a lot happened in the lives of our young heroes since we last heard of them. The actors Wanjiku Mwaurah and Trevor Gitonga, who play the parts of Mercy and Niki in our story, got along really well during the production in Nairobi. How about their characters? Is Niki still in love with Mercy?

Crossroads Generation is "Facing the Future"

Back after a long absence

Dan (Joseph Mitambo, left) and his father Kanyama (Gilbert Lukalia, right) always had a difficult relationship. After Mercy got pregnant, Dan moved back to his home country Laboria. But after three years there, he cannot stand the fights with his father any more and decides to go back to Kisimba and look for Mercy.

Crossroads Generation is "Facing the Future"

Starting university and making friends

A new life is beginning for Mercy: she just started going to university and is studying journalism with her friend Trudy. In class, they make a new friend, Tina (Nice Wanjeri, right). The three young women help each other out in many difficult situations, but Tina keeps a big secret from her friends.

Crossroads Generation is "Facing the Future"

Family time

Do you remember Mercy’s parents Lulu (Mercy Chege) and Msoto (Fanuel Odera) and her twin brothers Kadu (Luca Berardi, right) and Banda (Dan Kirera, left)? We meet them again in the third season. Lulu takes care of Mercy’s child, Linda, and we might also hear from another family member who was thought to be lost forever...

Crossroads Generation is "Facing the Future"

Over 70 characters

Next to the leading roles of Mercy, Niki, Dan, Trudy and Tina, a lot of other characters appear in the story: students, workers, policemen… Here the actors study their lines before recording a scene.

Crossroads Generation is "Facing the Future"

Finding the right page

The author of the radio soap, James Muhando, is also involved in the production. He casts the actors and helps them rehearsing their parts. No matter how much paper is lying around, he never loses sight of the next scene to play.

Crossroads Generation is "Facing the Future"

A changed man?

Mercy’s father Msoto (Fanuel Odera, center) had been gone for a long time. When he knocks on his wife Lulu’s door after his long absence, he claims to be a changed man and seems to have turned to religion. But is he to be trusted?

Crossroads Generation is "Facing the Future"

Trudy among her friends

A good atmosphere during the production makes a good radio soap! Sarah Mwikali (in the center with the scarf) plays the part of Trudy, who not only studies journalism but also works as a reporter for a newspaper. A job that can be dangerous, as she will soon learn.

Crossroads Generation is "Facing the Future"

The youngest actors of the crew

If the microphone is too high, be creative! Luca Berardi (center) and Dan Kirera (right) play the parts of Mercy’s brothers Kadu and Banda. The twins have grown since the last season, but they still give their mother Lulu (Mercy Chege, left) some worries. And now that Mercy is away at university, they are not too keen on helping around the house.

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