From drought to flooding, to food insecurity to armed conflict, climate change has many faces and a very long reach. When leaders from all over the world came together in Paris to find a solution to the problems we helped create, we talked to opinion-shapers from the realms of activism, politics, conservation and art about their experience of our changing climate and asked them how they think we can best tackle the problem. By @TamsinKateW and in German, @Ruth_Krause

"The scoreboard is a little better than what it was after Copenhagen. On the other hand it's also later in the game." Bill McKibben

"We stand for a future powered by renewable energy, and it is a future we will win. In the coming years new political leaders will come to power, and many of them will stand against us and our goals. They will wield great power, but so will we." Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace

"I think if you use the reference of history, every successful and lasting transition and innovation within society has been born out of inspiration." Ta'kaiya Blaney, Ambassador for Indigenous Children's rights

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