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Technology | 02.11.2018

Founders' Valley - The Digitized World

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Business | 05.09.2018

Meet Founders' Valley Host Sonja Jost

Behind the scenes

Talent scouting in Taiwan

After a long day of casting, Founders' Valley director of photography Holger Ernst had found a new intern! Due to legal constraints, we unfortunately had to leave this promising talent behind...

Behind the scenes

Horse-riding in the Mongolian steppe

Although it was only the 2nd time in his life to ride a horse, Founders' Valley host Fridtjof fared well in the Mongolian steppe. But here's a secret: His horse was lame - that's why he looked like a pro.

Behind the scenes

Cheek by jowl with the nomads

Founders' Valley reporter Carmen Meyer felt sorry for the eagle, but she was amazed by the tradition of eagle hunting, which is also a major tourist attraction. The eagle hunters told her they release their birds back into the wild after a few years.

Behind the scenes

The beginning of a beautiful friendship

During our epic road trip through the Mongolian steppe, Founders' Valley host Fridtjof and tour guide Taskhyn had plenty time to bond, both in front of and behind the camera.

Behind the scenes

The face of Mongolian entrepreneurship

We've met plenty impressive female movers and shakers so far, including Enkhbolor Gantulga, a leader of the Mongolian startup scene. She mentors young startups and connects them to people in her network.

Behind the scenes

Fridtjof's travel ritual

Fridtjof Detzner is an athletic guy. His passion for spending time outdoors has led him to try kitesurfing, paragliding, speed gliding, skiing and freeskiing, road and mountain biking. But his trademark is doing handstands wherever he goes.

Behind the scenes

The entrepreneur who never sleeps

The prize of the adventure that is Founders' Valley: long hours. Here, Fridtjof is writing emails and keeping is social channels up to date in our Hong Kong hotel room after a typical 14-hour work day.

Behind the scenes

Making people walk again

Founder Cheng Hua's exoskeletons are made strictly for medical purposes. His startup Free Bionics helps walking impaired people like Victor Shu, one of Hua's employees. During this test, Shu was able to walk 120 meters thanks to the exoskeleton.

Behind the scenes

The power of A.I.

In Taiwan, Fridtjof got an idea of what artificial intelligence is capable of. The smart security cameras made by A.I. startup Umbo Computer Vision can allegedly prevent crimes...

Behind the scenes

Uphill battle

Entrepreneurship can be a long a winding road, as both Founders' Valley host Friedel and Umbo CV founder Shawn Guan can attest to. But they agreed that nothing worthwhile happens without great effort.

Behind the scenes

Politician and coder

Taiwan's head of digital affairs Audrey Tang is not only Taiwan's youngest government minister, the 36-year-old is also the first transgender member of the Taiwanese government and a self-proclaimed anarchist.

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Society | 02.11.2018

Sneak Preview - Driven to Succeed

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