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Nature and Environment | 14.11.2017

Kids4Climate - Don't mess with my future!

Doing your own bit #DYOB

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Nature and Environment | 03.08.2017

Video: Tomato tins to pen holders

Nature and Environment

All you will need

You won't need too much for this one! Wait for your family to finish a carton of juice or milk, then swipe it. You'll also need some scrap material. We used two different kinds to mix it up: a scissors (promise to get an adult's permission for this one!), some glue, a hole punch and two paper-fasteners.

Nature and Environment

No more drink in this carton

First cut the top off your carton - don't throw it away, you'll need it later. Where you cut depends on how big you want your bag to be. It's totally up to you, just make sure it's definitely empty before you start - you don't want any spills ;) Once you've done that, give the part you'll use for your bag a wipe with a wet cloth and then dry it.

Nature and Environment

New clothes for the carton

Now it's time to give it a brand new look. Take a piece of cloth that's a bit longer and wider than your carton. We've chosen blue and white polka dots because we think its pretty, but you can use whatever pattern or color you want. You could even take some plain material and draw on some nice pictures on there. Glue the cloth onto the carton, leaving a bit of material on either end.

Nature and Environment

Taking shape

You're halfway there - yey! Just smear some glue inside the top of the carton and stick down the cloth that's still poking up.

Nature and Environment

A tidy bottom

Turn the carton upside down and glue down the material as shown in the photo above. It's kind of like wrapping a gift!

Nature and Environment

Don't forget the top bit

It's time to use the top of the carton that you didn't throw away to make a handle for your super cute bag. Cut out a long strip from the carton top ...

Nature and Environment

A colorful handle

... and lay it on your second piece of material. We've gone with something flowery. Cut along the strip of carton but make sure to leave enough material to cover it all when you're done.

Nature and Environment

Punch a hole

Once everything is dry, punch a hole on either end of the handle. Mind your fingers now ;)

Nature and Environment

Be careful with the scissors!!!

Then make a hole on each side of the bag with a scissors. Be careful though. Maybe even ask an adult to help or supervise.

Nature and Environment

Through the hole

Attach the handle to the bag with the paper fasteners - easy peasy.

Nature and Environment

Fit for a queen

And ... ta-da! You've got your own homemade and super-stylish bag that's ready to hold all your treasures.

Nature and Environment

A sinking world

Samuel is only 10 years old, but when it comes to describing how climate change will impact our planet, he has a clear answer: water will rise so much that people living near the sea will be begging for help to survive. But why does it happen? "Because of the extreme pollution," he says.

Nature and Environment

The last sunrise?

While Daniel (7) loves contemplating the sun, he wonders whether it will still be here in 50 years. He is hoping it only changes slightly, and that sunsets and sunrises will still be beautiful and colorful and will keep delighting adults and children. He's already urging his parents to recycle at home. After all, it's his future that's at stake.

Nature and Environment

Hold your breath

In a near future, flying cars will still be as polluting as cars nowadays, the sky will rarely look blue due to pollution, and humankind will completely forget the importance of nature - even the last of the trees will be removed. To top it off, droughts will be so bad in some places that ships will be stranded. And for that, Paloma (10) points out, we don't need to wait 50 years but only 15.

Nature and Environment

Escaping heat waves

Emma (7) has been traveling through southeast Asia in recent months and has loved the experience. But it was so hot! She learned from her mom that global temperatures are increasing every year. Therefore it's not surprising how she imagines the planet in the future: the sun will almost burn out and people will be forced to leave Earth – in rockets, of course.

Nature and Environment

A new home: Mars

Life on another planet is exactly what Linus (12) imagines - more concretely, on Mars. In 50 years, the Earth will be immersed in such chaos that we will have to look for a better place. But even there, we will not have learned the lesson and we will leave another trail of consumption and destruction. Not much hope for our near future, right, Linus? "Well, we can still stop it!"

Nature and Environment

Technology has the power

In place of nature, technology will dominate our daily lives, Yann (12) believes. But for him, this is not discouraging, since we will have the most advanced technologies and lots of flying objects. This is how our planet will look in 50 years: a futuristic cityscape filled with revolutionary machines.

Nature and Environment

Huge carbon 'handprint'

Astrid (6) has a very abstract idea about Earth. It's a place where river flows, air flows and people are simultaneously affected by the same threat: a gigantic carbon "handprint." Astrid has heard about it at school: the bigger the "handprint," the worse the impact for us all.

Nature and Environment

Let’s try to survive

Our young artists don't always want to give a clear interpretation for their pieces. In this case, Miguel (10) provides us with two main options: The robot represents destructive climate change. Here, our destiny is quite clear. On the other hand, it may just mean that artificial intelligence will get out of control and become more powerful than humans. In any case, it's our time to act!

Nature and Environment

Tragedy on Earth

At 7, Judith gets quite serious when talking about the future, and is convinced we might all be dead by 2067 - pets included. In half a century, almost no one will have survived planetary destruction: and aliens will get the chance to take over. Just in case, Judith already prefers to save precious resources. No more new sheets of paper for drawing unless she's first used the other side.

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