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Maidan Dreaming

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Ukraine’s pro-European Maidan revolution ousted the Russian-friendly regime of Viktor Yanukovych. Three years on, many revolutionaries are disenchanted: Corruption remains rampant and oligarchs still call the political shots. Despite pressure from the EU and Washington, the political elite has failed to dismantle old power structures. And yet the dream of the Maidan revolution is being kept alive by a vibrant scene of young creatives who have spurred a cultural revival, most notably in the capital Kyiv. Their hopes of closer integration with Europe haven’t been helped by the war in eastern Ukraine, where insurgents armed, staffed and funded by Moscow are occupying parts of the Donbas region. Nevertheless, the spirit of Maidan lives on. From art to fashion and electronic music - Kyiv has become a hotbed of creativity, fuelled by young Ukrainians determined to stay the course on the long road to the West. DW reporter Frank Hofmann spent a summer accompanying them around the city.


War Generation

The Maidan protests were followed by the outbreak of war in eastern Ukraine against Russian-backed insurgents. Kyiv’s ravers have found their own form of protest- by keeping their feet on the dance floor and their eyes fixed on the West.


Post-Revolution Raving

Three years ago, pro-European demonstrators in Ukraine ousted the Russian-friendly regime after months of protests. Since then, a powerful wave of creativity has revitalized the country’s cultural scene. Popular techno parties are a case in point.


Clubbing with Creatives

Cxema is the name of the biggest series of raves set up since the Maidan revolution. Every few weeks, 1,500 revellers gather to party till the early hours.


Night of Protest

Many of today’s ravers took part in the Maidan protests three years ago. Kyiv’s techno scene offers a platform for young people to come together and keep alive the drive for renewal that defined the revolution.


The Road to Europe

DJs from western Europe are welcome at raves in the Ukrainian capital: Kyiv’s music scene is staking its claim to membership in the global techno community.


Generation Jobless

Ukraine’s economic crisis has hit young people hard. In just two years, the Ukrainian hryvnia has lost half its value against the dollar. Many young people are out of a job, with time on their hands to devote to the protest against crisis, corruption and war.


The Making of Maidan Dreaming

A DW camera crew followed Kyiv’s young creatives over the course of a summer’s days and nights. Among them, the founder of the Cxema raves, Slava Lepsheev (center).


DJ Dreams

Techno DJ Dmytrij Wulffius released his first album this summer - on vinyl. In the Pine’s Crowns is being distributed by a foreign record label. It’s a big step for Wulffius: the Ukrainian comes from the Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia.


Dream Summer

A fresh wave of creativity has fuelled a cultural revival in Kyiv in the two years since the Maidan revolution: Instead of taking to the streets, young people have resorted to partying in protest against endemic corruption.


New Beginnings

Kyiv’s cityscape is marked by its Soviet legacy. But young creatives are bringing a buzz to many neighborhoods - including those of drab, communist-era concrete monoliths.

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Maidan Fashion

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Maidan Art

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