Our background photo shows Mohamed, a Syrian-Palestinian refugee living in Spain. As a graffiti artist, he is raising awareness about the situation for refugees and is also developing an online game based on his experiences. Meet Mohamed and two other people fighting for their rights on the Internet in our episode #NoEsc.

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The stories appearing in this Life Links episode #NoEsc focus on some of the winners of The Bobs – Best of Online Activism. Deutsche Welle hands out the award annually to outstanding examples of open exchange of ideas, freedom of expression and human rights on the Internet. Find out more about the Bobs and the jury’s assessment of the winning projects on the website thebobs.com or follow the hashtag #bobs15 to stay updated.

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The new DW is for the world's local heroes: People who rely on global insights and who think, reflect, reconsider and innovate. It's about those who make the rules, instead of playing by them and motivate instead of standing in the way. We are there for them. It's our job to provide them with the news and information they need to shape their world - made in Germany, made for minds. Find out more about people who are making a difference at dw.com/localheroes