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The 77 Percent Report

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The 77 Percent — Youth unemployment in Africa

77 percent of Africans are younger than 35. Those 77 percent can shape the continent’s future. We join African youths as they share their stories, their dreams and their challenges. Are you part of the 77 percent? Come and join the debate on Facebook!

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The 77 percent: A platform for Africa's youth

Young and energetic

77 percent of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa is younger than 35 – that's around 770 million people. A generation of confident, dynamic people which can shape the future of Africa. But many don't have economic opportunities in their own country and dream of a brighter future in Europe: Many of those risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean are also part of the 77 percent.

The 77 percent: A platform for Africa's youth

Numerous but underrepresented

Though the 77 percent form three-quarters of the population, they often don't have a say in political decisions. Young population - old rulers: Long term presidents like Paul Biya (84), Yoweni Museveni (79) or Alpha Conde (79) are the reality in many African countries. A lot of young Africans don't feel represented by them.

The 77 percent: A platform for Africa's youth

Politically active and opinionated

Despite the old leaders, young Africans are politically engaged, speaking out against injustice, corruption and fraud. That can be inconvenient for many politicians. Young voices are getting louder but they can struggle to penetrate the media. That's about to change; now DW's new multimedia Project "The 77 Percent" is providing a platform for you, the 77 percent, to make your voices heard.

The 77 percent: A platform for Africa's youth

Providing a platform for debate

Part of "The 77 percent" project is our new social media segment "What Else?" talking about African stories that don't make headlines. We open our social media platforms to the 77 percent: your stories and your opinions. Join the debate in Amharic, English, French, Hausa, Kiswahili and Portuguese! We'll pick it up and make sure you are heard on TV, radio and social media.

The 77 percent: A platform for Africa's youth

Highlighting painful issues

We pick up on trending topics in Africa and open the debate, even where others shy away. We tackle controversial topics so that you can break taboos. Join our host, Edith Kimani, as she presents stories and opinions from all over Africa; follow her around vibrant African metropolises and connect over the newest trends from the continent.

The 77 percent: A platform for Africa's youth

Political satire? Yes please!

We also address difficult topics using satire. There isn't a topic which is too hot for the Zimbabwean satire trio "Zambezi News". Even a leader like Robert Mugabe couldn't shut them down; they stood up for their rights to free expression.

The 77 percent: A platform for Africa's youth

Inspiring role models

Africa is more than just poverty and violence! We will feature constructive stories from around the continent and introduce you to real change makers. Have you already heard about Zimbabwe's first female pilot or the Kenyan biologist who develops drought resistant crops in her lab? No? Well, "The 77 Percent" brings you the kinds of stories you won't find in the mainstream media.

The 77 percent: A platform for Africa's youth

We bring you close to African history

Boring history classes were yesterday. With "African Roots" DW presents African history in comic form. Witness independence fighters and important figures in African history like Nzinga Mbande, Kwame Nkrumah and Patrice Lumumba brought back to life through comics from the Nigerian artists at the Comic Republic.

The 77 percent: A platform for Africa's youth

The 77 Percent on radio

Our radio presenters also form part of the 77 percent. They are looking forward to hearing your stories and to sharing their experiences in lively discussions from right across the continent. Picking up on our network of reporters which span east to west, north to south, "The 77 Percent" and the "77 pour cent - nous les jeunes d'Afrique" on radio can't wait for you all to join the debate.


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Got an opinion about "The 77 Percent" or any stories you would like us to investigate? Please send us a mail to 77@dw.com. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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