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03:31 mins.
Video News | 27.11.2017

Niger's migration problem

Now live
01:14 mins.
Society | 22.12.2017

Paul Nkamani's message back home

Now live
01:20 mins.
Society | 22.12.2017

A message from Senegal: Why risk the journey to Europe?

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03:58 mins.
Sports | 18.07.2017

Ivorians dream of European soccer career

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03:54 mins.
Video News | 20.06.2017

Hope, frustration in Gambia

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01:30 mins.
Society | 13.12.2016

Webvideo: Libya's forgotten women

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01:10 mins.
Society | 14.12.2016

The painting of a migrant's journey

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01:11 mins.
Society | 08.12.2016

Inside Gao's trafficking business

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03:56 mins.
Society | 08.12.2016

Helping returnees in Niger

Many Africans dream about a better life in Europe. But reality often looks different. A new DW series explores a major challenge of our time: migration. It provokes hopes and fears, touches individuals and nations alike.


01:04 mins.
The Migration Dilemma | 18.12.2017

Steps in the asylum process

01:32 mins.
The Migration Dilemma | 18.12.2017

The life of an illegal migrant

01:05 mins.
The Migration Dilemma | 13.12.2017

Why people are leaving

01:47 mins.
The Migration Dilemma | 22.11.2017

The risks of irregular migration

00:57 mins.
The Migration Dilemma | 13.12.2017

Legal ways for immigration

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04:02 mins.
Video News | 05.09.2017

People smuggler opts for soccer

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02:54 mins.
Video News | 04.08.2017

Doctors Without Borders sails above the fray

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03:48 mins.
Video News | 05.12.2016

The Migration Dilemma: Despair in Senegal

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03:43 mins.
Video News | 07.12.2016

Senegalese apprenticeships from Germany

Now live
01:45 mins.
Society | 07.12.2016

The Migration Dilemma: 'If I die, it's bad luck'

Now live
01:31 mins.
Society | 14.12.2016

In the clutches of the traffickers

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