Traditional dress at the Oktoberfest

Standing out in neon green

Attending the Oktoberfest without dressing the part? The Schlosser family from Augsburg say no way! The colorful mother-and-daughter partner look worn by Birgit and Veronika really stands out from the crowd. Karl, the father, wears deerskin leather lederhosen made in the Chiemgau region. They were acquired by the family over 25 years ago.

Hats off!

Anton Bichler (r.), Johanna Marx and Ludwig Lindmair are wearing the traditional dress of the Elbach-Leitzachtal mountain shooting association. Interestingly, the ladies also wear hats. There are 47 such associations in Bavaria, each with its own costumes.

Hessen calling

Astrid and Torsten Habermann bought their outfits in their home town of Hanau. They are planning to wear them back home in Hessen on special occasions, too. They splashed out 600 euros on them.

Classic costumes

Meet the Brandstätter family. Mother Sabine's dirndl is a bit covered up, but never mind, her daughter is wearing the same: green petticoat, pink dress and purple apron. The two men are wearing traditional Miesbach attire: green jacket and lederhosen. This costume spread from Miesbach throughout Bavaria in the 1950's.

That special something

Renate Högenauer has gone for a more modern dirndl but Martin is in a traditional look. This costume is quite common in Bavaria. The black lederhosen are embroidered in green or yellow and the dark green hats often have feathers or flowers. These birds and blossoms add a personal touch.

Dressed to impress

Andreas Schweiger (r.) is wearing a traditional costme from Dorfen in the Erding region while Andreas Hilger is wearing an Alpine costume from Rottau in the Chiemgau region. The two men pay careful attention to details like the silver buttons and embroidered trousers and jackets. Traditional attire like this does not come cheap.

Traditional attire from Northern Bavaria

Britta Dorsch (r.) and Svenja Grabsch are wearing traditional Schweinfurt costumes. They took part in the traditional dress parade at this year's Oktoberfest. Their outfits include many small details such as scarves, black shoes with buckles and special bags. The hairstyles are also traditional.

Fond memories

Beate Mayr from the Chiemgau region wore this dirndl to her wedding. The 700 euros investment really paid off. In red and green, it is completely in trend this year.

Made to measure

The Fischer family travelled into town from the outskirts of Munich. Claudia has worn a dirndl in the colors of a local shooting association for 15 years. The custom-made outfit cost around 1000 euros. Eric is wearing a simple pair of knee-length lederhosen and a hat with wood grouse feathers which he inherited from his grandfather.

The first Oktoberfest weekend was a huge success. Around one million visitors came to Munich, many in traditional dress. Check out how these families proudly wear their dirndls and lederhosen.