Tunisia: Young radio producers fight for more opportunities and committed journalism

DW Akademie supports the Tunisian web radio station Sidi Bouzid, which is produced in a state youth center. Young people develop content based on topics that are important to young people in the region.

People around the world heard about Sidi Bouzid in 2010 when Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire, sparking mass protests. Sidi Bouzid should have benefited more from the attention it drew during the revolution. But now, more than half of young people are unemployed. They no longer see future there and plan to emigrate. However, the web radio station wants to make Sidi Bouzid stronger. It gives young people a voice and offers career opportunities. DW Akademie coaches help the 15 volunteers by training them and helping them create an editorial plan.

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TOP STORIES | 13.02.2018

Webradio Sidi Bouzid in Tunisia