Night Grooves | 13.04.2019

The best of Night Grooves

In this "best of" episode of the music show Night Grooves, DW presents the musicians' greatest hits, the best performances and the most exciting stories from the second season, including Melanie C (Spice Girls), Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Ray Wilson (Genesis), DJ Ötzi and soul legend Kathy Sledge.


Night Grooves

Deutsche Welle's successful music and talk series "Night Grooves" is back for a second season. The hosts of season two of this TV and online program are Stephanie Stumph und Wigald Boning, who also perform on the show. In each episode, they'll meet two top international musicians and/or bands. The setting is once again the villa Haus Schminke in Löbau, Saxony.

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