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On this week's eco@africa, we check out mud homes in Ghana that are saving on energy costs, meet a Zambian cartoonist fighting climate change with comics and visit a project making pencils out of newspaper.

This week's eco@africa show is packed with bright ideas from Zambia to Ghana to make our planet greener!

Our first stop takes us to Zimbabwe, where a former farmer who lost his land during the country's chaotic reforms wants to help rather than hinder the changes, and do his bit for the environment. So he's training farmers to use eco-friendly methods that preserve soil and save wildlife.

Next we travel to Ghana, where a start-up is building homes using earth excavated from the same site on which they are built. The homes help save on energy costs because they are cooler and therefore don't need air-conditioning.

We then meet a Zambian cartoonist, who is taking a stand against climate change by helping educate the next generation about the environment through comics.

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Then we're off to Germany – here, a school has become the only one in the country to put biological diversity on its curriculum.

We then visit Tanzania, where a student has started a small business that recycles old textiles and turns them into bags and jackets.

Finally we check out a project in Kenya that is producing eco-friendly pencils from recycled newspaper.

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