Why Donald Trump is so popular at Germany's carnival celebrations

Cartoonists around the world love the new US president for his unique hairdo, but that's not all. As the Carnival season really kicks off in Germany, Donald Trump-style wigs are just about sold out.

"The "president's wig" is sold out," says Marion Wendt, sales manager at the Cologne branch of Deiters, a German costume chain. It's also sold out in many of the chain's other shops nationwide, while Maskworld in Berlin is more than pleased at how the "typical Trump hairdo" is selling like hotcakes this time of year.

No matter how unpopular US President Donald Trump may be, his look is coveted for Carnival this year. Dressing up as Trump is a relatively affordable affair, too: suit, wig, long red tie and lots of orange face make-up.

Euromaxx: Here's how you can dress up as President Donald Trump at this year's Carnival!

Shops selling Carnival costumes and apparel have all reported heightened interest in Trump-style wigs, while shops that don't carry that particular version tell Carnival-crazy shoppers to go for the "Heino" wig instead, referring to a popular German bard with a similarly peculiar hairstyle.

Trump floats

Trump is also sure to be lampooned on the large floats that cruise down the streets in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Mainz on Rose Monday. In 2016, a float touting the then presidential candidate as a naked bottom with ears and, of course, hair was a big hit in the parade in Düsseldorf.

Last year's none-too flattering float in Düsseldorf

On November 11, 2016, the actual start of the current Carnival season in the Rhineland area, that city dressed up its popular fictional Carnival character, the "Hoppeditz," as Trump. With or without the presidential hairstyle, it should be noted that the "Hoppeditz" is always burned and his ashes laid to rest when the season ends on Ash Wednesday.

Sometimes more, sometimes less subtly, many Carnival shows in the region also take aim at the new US president. The highly popular "Stunksitzung" show in Cologne that runs almost nightly for weeks on end shot Trump to the moon this season with the words: "Get lost, you won't be missed."

Cowboys should leave the toy guns at home

No doubt anyone out for Carnival this year will spot revelers with Trump wigs.

The number one seller for women this year, however, is dressing up as a doe or a unicorn, while men prefer American football gear.

If all the Trump wigs are sold out, how about a steampunk outfit instead?

Steampunk outfits are popular with both men and women, too, as are Pierrot mime clowns in black and white. Other carnival-goers in Cologne and Düsseldorf will certainly sport traditional outfits in red and white - the cities' colors.

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Clowns, pirates, cowboys and Indians, nuns and bees, devils and angels are always popular. So are policemen and soldiers.

But this year, authorities are urging people planning to carry toy guns and fake assault rifles to leave them at home for security reasons. One look at the often realistic replicas might make the real police, who will be out this year in force, nervous.

No politician spared: The Rose Monday Carnival parades

The new student

US President Donald Trump is depicted as a schoolyard bully as Russian President Vladimir Putin watches on.

No politician spared: The Rose Monday Carnival parades

Tackling German bureaucracy

The cities are never afraid to make fun of themselves. One of the upcoming floats features Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker taking on the German bureaucratic system.

No politician spared: The Rose Monday Carnival parades

Money problems

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi is depicted here as the video game character Super Mario, as he takes advantage of the banks and targets European money savers.

No politician spared: The Rose Monday Carnival parades

Ice hockey buddies

In a change of tone, another float looks set to celebrate rather than mock the relationship between Germany and France ahead of the 2017 Ice Hockey World Championships held in Cologne and Paris.

No politician spared: The Rose Monday Carnival parades

Can he fix it?

The popular children's cartoon character Bob the Builder is depicted constructing the much-maligned Leverkusener bridge north of Cologne. The project has come under fire from residents because of the slow pace of construction, which is expected to drag on for another few years.

No politician spared: The Rose Monday Carnival parades

Make fascism great again

Then-candidate Donald Trump was an easy target at the 2016 Düsseldorf parade.

No politician spared: The Rose Monday Carnival parades

Caught in the middle

A 2016 Carnival float in Düsseldorf depicts a group of refugees trapped between the EU and war and terror.

No politician spared: The Rose Monday Carnival parades

Russian influence

A float shows Russian President Vladimir Putin wielding power throughout Europe via far-right parties in other countries.

No politician spared: The Rose Monday Carnival parades


Angela Merkel is always a popular subject for Rose Monday parades in Germany. This 2016 Cologne float depicts the chancellor working on the tough nuts she has to crack.

No politician spared: The Rose Monday Carnival parades

National fear

A 2016 float in Düsseldorf features the German federal eagle showing fear as one of its wings burns following attacks on refugee shelters.

No politician spared: The Rose Monday Carnival parades

Nobel Peace Prize

This float takes aim at Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

No politician spared: The Rose Monday Carnival parades

Right-wing politics

A float at the 2016 Cologne parade shows extreme right-wing parties attacking democracy.